POC launches their most advanced backpack yet – and it’s smart

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The Dimension Avalanche Backpack is Swedish POC’s most advanced backpack, so far. The well renowned protection, eyewear and apparel manufacturer POC releases another innovation-packed product for their fall winter 2022/2023 collection. Besides the new and advanced ​​Alpride E2 Electronic Airbag System, the Backpack is packed with Swedish tech like RECCO and Twiceme, making it the perfect tool to support enhanced protection and backcountry adventures.

The Dimension Avalanche Backpack is durable, innovative, rechargeable, smart and hassle-free. On the face of it the backpack may have a classical design. A closer look reveals the advanced design and carefully selected integrated technologies. As a whole, the backpack is designed to be comfortable, and the clear aesthetic serves to underline a key development idea; that the backpack must be intuitive to use, especially in extreme conditions and in emergency situations. All this without compromising on performance  or quality.

This backpack from POC marks the world’s first of its kind and the first backpack in the world to be made smart through twICEme. Together with the other protective features, the backpack pushes the bar for protection on backcountry adventures given the other protective features like the airbag and passive transponder tech from RECCO.

Applying twICEme as a tech feature in backpacks and other outdoor gear addresses a long expressed need of rescue teams from across the globe. Rescuers simply love that twICEme solves one of their biggest issues – and POC is one of the brands that has really embraced their feedback and delivered what they want.

POC plays a major role in Twiceme’s mission to empower all bystanders to become helpers through the awareness and adaptation of HTH (Help The Helpers) technology. Their range of Twiceme-integrated products is so far the largest in the world.  The Dimension Avalanche Backpack may be a premium-level gear which incorporates several advanced technologies, and as usual, POC has made every effort to be at the forefront of innovation. What Twiceme is hoping for, however, is that this backpack can inspire more equipment producers to recognize the benefits and to take the leap of making their gear smart through Twiceme, in order to take consumer safety to the next level.

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Photos: Martin Wichardt & Oscar Barkenbom for POC

Packed with advanced technology


Twiceme is an integrated technology that allows users to store personal safety information in their gear. Data such as allergies, previous injuries, insurance information, emergency contacts, and more can all be uploaded to the user’s profile via the twICEme app. In a situation where the user is injured or unresponsive, medical and rescue professionals can access their profile, even without the app, by simply tapping their smartphone to the twICEme symbol displayed on the equipment. Access to this safety information will give first responders a clear, efficient way to make decisions in the case of an emergency where time is often most critical.

The Alpride E2 Electronic Airbag System

The new “Alpride E2 Supercapacitor System“, stores the energy released when the airbag is deployed. When the supercapacitor system is triggered, it drives a fan to inflate the airbag. Storage and release of energy happens based on an electromechanical process rather than a chemical reaction as occurs in rechargeable batteries. As a result, the supercapacitor’s performance remains extremely reliable even in very cold temperatures. The new “E2 release unit” is 40% smaller and 25% lighter (140 g) than the existing Alpride E1 system, relative to the 162-liter airbag. Like its predecessor E1, the E2 is also TSA-approved and therefore approved for all airlines. The new E2 features an LCD display to check Super Capacitors charging level and the AA battery status. A new knob allows for external deflation and an automatic pressure relief valve reliefs airbag pressure three minutes after inflation.

RECCO® Reflector

The RECCO reflector makes you searchable to the rescuers. RECCO reflectors are lightweight passive transponders which require no power or activation to function. They consist of a diode and an antenna.


Available in online and retail stores in Europe from early November, and the rest of the world from early December. Find the product page here.


‍Twiceme Technology is a Swedish safe-tech company aiming to make people safer by making equipment smart. By giving users the tools to take the correct actions, faster, twICEme hopes to create a new safety norm for outdoor sports and work environments. twICEme is a technology, established in 2017, based on an idea from ex-militaries. It has since been developed in close collaboration with professional rescue teams.


POC, a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, protection and apparel, has been awarded more than 70 international safety, design, and innovation awards. Founded in 2005 in Sweden, POC’s mission is to ‘protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’.