twICEme and POC award winners at Eurobike 2019

twICEme at Eurobike 2019

The twICEme team has just returned to Stockholm after a widely successful Eurobike 2019 show. One of POCs helmets, the POC Tectal Race SPIN NFC with the twICEme integration, was awarded category winner for best bike accessory. 

This follows the success of the ski helmet Obex Spin that was presented and awarded at ISPO 2019 in Munich. This shows the eagerness of the industry to promote ways for brands to widen their responsibility thinking within safety. We are very proud of this achievement and look forward to the continued journey with POC. 

Damian Phillips, Head of Global PR and Communication at POC Sports, presenting the new NFC features of the award winning product Tectal Race SPIN NFC.

Damian Phillips, Head of Global PR and Communication at POC Sports, presenting the new NFC features of the award winning product Tectal Race SPIN NFC.

Moreover, many discussions were held with innovative brands that care for their customers’ safety. From our discussions, we realized that there is a need within the industry for protective gear, but few brands know which step to take towards digitalization. twICEme enables brands to take this step in an easy way by creating smart products that ultimately increase safety.

A couple of mentions from press at Eurobike 2019

POC's New Helmet Stores Your Medical Data - Eurobike 2019

New POC products stores your medical ID

The Avalanche Technician, Guide and Photographer Robert Ungh signed as a twICEme Ambassador

We are happy to welcome Robert Ungh; certified avalanche technician, experienced guide and professional photographer, as an ambassador for twICEme®.

Robert is the founder of Upp Lev Ner, a company providing guided tours within ski, bike and hike in Scandinavia. He will be providing feedback of using twICEme® within the guided tours in extreme environments. Such form of feedback will be essential in order to improve twICEme® tailored for the users.

Additionally, the imagery of twICEme® will be provided by Robert. During his adventures, he will capture the moments of twICEme® out on the fields. Today, this website uses his amazing pictures. Note that these pictures therefore are copyrighted.

We look forward to future feedback and discussions with Robert!


New version of the twICEme app is released

After a great collaboration with the Swedish developer Tromb, we are happy to release a new version of the twICEme® app. It has been developed based on extensive discussions with ambulance and rescue professionals in order to ensure a high-performance app from an emergency perspective.

The twICEme® app is now available on App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Androids. You can find links to the app in the footer of this website.

Unfortunately, iPhones are today only able to read tags but not create and upload profiles on the twICEme® tags. The reason behind this is because Apple has not released all NFC functions yet. However, in mid September 2019, this will change with the release of the iPhone update iOS 13. Then, we will update the app included all NFC functionalities.


twICEme in two more helmets

We are excited that POC Sports has recently released two more helmets with twICEme® integrations. The two new helmets are in the biking segment. The Tectal Race Spin is a mountainbike helmet and the Ventral Air Spin is focusing on the road bike segment. The two helmets join the previously announced Obex BC Spin helmet in the range of smart POC Products.

This is a great step towards building the community around twICEme® Identification. With these integrations, brands can take responsibility in a whole new way from a full range safety perspective. It is now possible to be engaged in safety even before and after an accident has happened.

twICEme® will be joining POC Sports for the Eurobike congress in Friedrichshafen to answer any questions!


At twICEme®, we love innovation. This is why we are excited to hold discussions with some of the most innovative brands in the industry at Eurobike. Together, we want to push the boundaries for how we think about safety and we look at it from the viewpoint of “full range safety”. This means that we engage with safety in a more involved way, including before and after impact.

We are keen to work with brands that are already pushing the boundaries for technology on impact. In doing this, we can work together to provide a safer experience for all everyday adventurers from a full range safety perspective.

 We are looking forward to great discussions!


We are excited to announce that twICEme®️ will be attending Eurobike 2019 from the 4th to the 7th of September in Freidrischaffen. We will be joining POC Sports and will be available to answer any questions regarding the twICEme®️ tag and method as well as questions about the twICEme®️ community. 

Eurobike is the undisputed leading global trade fair for the bike industry. Eurobike brings together key players to network, discuss and present themselves to the media world. In addition, new trends are presented as well as groundbreaking innovations. Eurobike is constantly generating added value for the industry and manages the balancing act between a trade fair and a think tank.

twICEme® will be having meetings with partners and potential collaborators so do not hesitate to come up and say hi. We look forward to talking to you and always love to hear about your ideas for implementing twICEme®️! 

Anders Hofman from Project Iceman as a twICEme Ambassador

We are happy to welcome Anders Hofman, known from Project Iceman, as an ambassador for twICEme. Together, we can show that it is possible to realize your biggest dreams and adventures while doing it safely. This is another step closer to building a community where safety is paramount and always a high priority. The community now consists of rescue organizations, innovative brands, and adventurers who have to take safety into account on a daily basis. 

twICEme and Anders share the vision of living your life to the fullest while not subscribing to the idea of personal limitations. This is the mindset that led to the vision of him completing an Iron man... in Antarctica. A large part of why this is possible, other than insane drive and determination, is a mindset of full range safety. 

Full range safety is something we care deeply about at twICEme. This is why our visions go so well together. Full range safety means that we want people to realize their adventures, but in a way that minimizes risk for injuries. There will always be risks involved in great achievements, but with preparation and through consulting experienced professionals, this risk can be minimized.

The other part of it is taking responsibility when accidents have happened. twICEme provides a simple way of accessing potentially vital medical information through medical ID tags which can reduce lead time in rescue operations. 

Together, we can spread a message and increase awareness of safety even in the most extreme conditions. Be on the lookout for updates on more projects with Anders in the future! 

We are happy to welcome Anders and wish him good luck on his mission!

Follow his journey on

Open Letter to the ICAR Community

The ICAR Community

We read the report on accident prevention from 2007. We were intrigued by the discussion around the necessity of digital tools and innovation versus using intuition in prevention of accidents. Technology does not possess neither the intuition nor the respect for nature which comes from extensive mountain experience. Therefore, it should by no means replace the knowledge of the mountain rescue community. However, technology can be used as an aid and can be of high importance in emergency situations. The calling for collaboration between rescue organisations and innovative brands within the industry, i.e. third way projects, is therefore of high interest. 

twICEme Identification

We are a company called twICEme and exist to enable first responders to access critical medical information, streamline first response operations and reduce lead time during emergencies.  

This season, helmets equipped with the twICEme tags will start to appear worldwide. The helmets will be marked with the twICEme logos which indicate the integration of an NFC chip (Near Field Communication). These chips store vital and personal medical information which can be displayed by a simple tap with a smartphone, everywhere at any time. By downloading our free app called “twICEme” in App Store or Google Play, the information will be displayed intuitively.

Our mission

Our objective is to use twICEme to grant rapid access to information which can lead to faster response times in rescue operations. We want to bridge the gap between equipment producers, the rescue community and sport practitioners. In doing this, we can share the vast experience and knowledge for the members of ICAR and keep an open dialog in a community within safety. Ultimately, this contributes to our mission which is to save lives.

We want to stress that there is no commercial interest in this for us and twICEme is, and always will be, free of charge for rescue organisations. We simply want to offer a solution to a problem and build a community based on knowledge and experience. 

This is why we urge you to contact us, either by phone or email, so that we can inform you in greater detail about the simple method. We will also be at the ICAR 2019 conference in Zakopane. Our stand location will be available early august. 

I hope to speak to you soon.

Phone: +46 76 896 12 64

Best Regards,

Christian Connolly

CEO twICEme Identification

If found on protective gear, this logo can be scanned with a smartphone to gain access to essential medical information.

If found on protective gear, this logo can be scanned with a smartphone to gain access to essential medical information.

Magazine award and mentions from OR 2019 and ISPO 2019

We are immensely proud of the response to our technology in the market and want to share some magazine views of twICEme NFC medical ID.

Gearpatrol says “POC Launches a Helmet That Can Quite Possibly Save Your Life” and “POC’s Helmet Technology Sets the New Standard for Safety”

To read full article follow this link

Freeskier awards OBEX BC Spin with “Best of Show”. “Designed for skiers who frequent the skin track, the Obex BC Spin incorporates life-saving technology via a near field communication (NFC) chip that can be used to help first responders in medical emergency situations. By storing the user’s medical data on the chip, responders–including ski patrol and search and rescue organizations–can access that information through an app (called myiceinfo) to better guide their first response decisions. When a traumatic injury happens, time is of the essence and because of a one-year exclusivity deal, the Obex BC Spin is the only helmet on the market with this technology right now”

Best of Show Freeskier

Best of Show Freeskier

SKI Magazine names POC OBEX BC one of their “Outdoor Retailer Showstoppers 2019” (link) and Outside Magazine names it “Best for the Resort” in their Best Ski Helmets of 2019 (link).

Image from  Boardsportsource

Image from Boardsportsource

In the Snow comments that twICEme “…allows the helmet to communicate for you and help first responders in the critical ‘Golden hour’ after an accident.” (link).

On Das Medizin Blog, Albert Meier from the DSLV, sees a lot of benefit in this: "If the emergency services are involved in this idea, I think that makes extremely sense," he says. "When the going gets tough, it can be an important time advantage."

twICEme and POC awards winners at ISPO in Munich  

The new ski helmet Obex BC from the Swedish company POC has been awarded at ISPO in Munich. The helmet is equipped with NFC chip (tag) from twICEme and has been developed to support getting the right help quickly after an accident, which can be the difference between life and death. Integrating the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip is unique in a snow sports industry. The NFC technology of twICEme enables you to communicate with the helmet and it protect you even after an accident as the NFC chip holds your details and medical ID profile. 

With an NFC ID chip integrated in the helmet, anyone with a NFC enabled smartphone will be able to retrieve the information in an instant, potentially helping medical professionals make the best judgements for treatment within the vital ”Golden Hour” after an accident has occurred. 

NFC, Near Field Communication, is a wireless data transfer technology. The NFC chip can be loaded with your medical ID profile, read via a smartphone, to support rescuers. It requires no battery, or cloud service, and can be updated/changed. The NFC chip is virtually weightless, imbedded between the liner and shell to ensure security and readability. 

"To have access to critical and accurate information about the patient can be absolutely vital in an emergency situation" says ambulance nurse Tim Wiklund with experience of over 200 rescue missions with ambulance helicopters. 

Two of the advantages of the twICEme solution are that the Medical ID tag in the helmet does not contain any battery and that one can read information without access to the Internet.

About ISPO: The world’s largest multi-segment trade fair for the sports business. At ISPO Munich, more than 2,800 international exhibitors present their latest products from the segments Snowsports, Outdoor, Health & Fitness, Urban, Teamsports, Vision, Trends, Innovation & Industry Services and Manufacturing & Suppliers to around 85,000 visitors from 120 countries. 

About POC: POC, a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armor and apparel, has been awarded more than 60 international safety, design, and innovation awards. Founded in 2005 in Sweden, POC’s mission is to ‘protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’. 

International Commission for Alpine Rescue signes Partnership Agreement

In a step closer towards the goal of bringing together safety equipment producers and rescue organisations to form a community with the mission of saving lives, twICEme has signed a deal with International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR).

President Franz Stöfli signed the Partnership Agreement together with the chairman of twICEme; Björn W Ericsson mid January 2019. The agreement is based on the purpose of mutual benefit and gives twICEme the opportunity to present their technical solution to the mountain rescue community.

In doing this, twICEme can continue on its objective of giving first responders the ability to rapidly access essential medical information which reduces lead time in rescue operations. If all actors within such a large network has access to this new innovation, the impact such an invention can be enlarged and in that way, more lives can be saved.

More about ICAR: Follow this link