Phone scanning twiceme on a helmet

How do we define HTH technology?

Twiceme Help the Helpers (HTH) technology gives bystanders the information they need to help someone who has become incapacitated in an accident. Tap the Twiceme symbol with a smartphone to alert, relay location and access critical information uploaded by the wearer.


From the very beginning, our focus has been on comprehending the real-life situations faced by individuals who are injured. This led us to collaborate with rescue professionals globally, resulting in the development of a tool that empowers bystanders to become helpers.

Emergency features
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As a digital ingredient brand, we have the privilege of engaging with our end-consumers on a daily basis, and this comes with certain inherent responsibilities. Our role involves not only providing products but also educating users on equipment care, fostering a community of helpers, and gathering valuable anonymous user insights to aid in the product development efforts of our partner brands.

Non-emergency features
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Live dashboards of anonymous usage insights
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Plug & Play – no license fee, continuous improvements

Helping the Helpers (HTH) technology aims to make sports and work environments safer by turning bystanders into helpers. We do this by making critical information available to people around you should you become incapacitated in an accident.

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30x1 mm Twiceme hardware based on NFC
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