1) download the app

Download the app on your smartphone. You can find links to both App Store and Google Play in the footer of this website.


2) Create your medical id profile

Open the app and slide to the menu page. Choose “Create Profile” and fill in as much information as you want for the profile.


3) upload your medical id profile

On the menu page, press the “Upload” button on your created profile and tap your smartphone on to the twICEme® tag for a short while until the upload has been confirmed.


4) read the twiceme® tag

Press the button “Tap here to read tag” on the main page of the twICEme® app. Hold the smartphone within 10 mm from the symbol and read the medical information which will be displayed on your screen.


Additional information


location of the nfc antenna

Please be aware that the NFC antenna may be located in different areas on the smartphone depending on which model you have.

scan tags without the app

By using the Native NFC Functionality on your smartphone, you are able to scan the tags without the app. Then, it will be presented in a text string i.e. not as intuitively as in the app.


enable all nfc functionalities

By updating your iPhone to iOS 13, you will enable all NFC functionalities. Consequently, you can then create a profile and upload it on your smart equipment. Otherwise, you will only be able to read the tags in the app.




If you have any problems with the app, please:

  • Update the operative system on your smartphone

  • Update the app to the latest version in App Store or Google Play

If you still have problems with the app, do not hesitate contacting us at: