Schuberth and Twiceme in partnership to boost helmet safety, pioneering new markets

Schuberth Twiceme

Photo: Mette Van Der Linden

Stockholm — Oct 18, 2023— Schuberth, a global provider of head protection solutions, and Twiceme, a fast-growing Swedish safe-tech ingredient, are pleased to announce a partnership. Schuberth and Twiceme have joined forces to improve safety standards in helmets, and the collaboration is driven by a shared passion for safety and a determination to provide wearers with one safety tool that fits all.

Schuberth and Twiceme will work together to introduce Twiceme’s HTH technology in five different helmet models. The collaboration initially includes two models of industrial safety helmets and three models of fire helmets, demonstrating Twiceme’s expansion into a new segment. This development showcases the versatility and wide-ranging potential of the HTH-technology in safeguarding professionals across diverse industries.

The integration of HTH Technology allows users to upload their Medical ID to their helmet, providing instant access to critical information with a smartphone tap. To reach this significant milestone of full-scale partnership, Schuberth helmets have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet and exceed all standards required in demanding operating conditions, such as those practiced in the fire container. These helmets incorporate state-of-the-art materials and innovative technical solutions to maximize protection.

“We are excited about the new partnership with Twiceme,” said Florian Brunk, Head of Business Unit at Schuberth. “Our mission is to equip those in industrial environments and firefighters with the best head protection so they can do their jobs safely and efficiently. The partnership comes at a time when the requirements for high-quality protective equipment are becoming increasingly complex. This collaboration aims to push the boundaries of personal protective equipment and its functionalities in work safety and firefighting helmets. The partnership with Twiceme will allow us to take our products to a new level with their HTH technology and offer solutions that meet these needs – improving safety for those who are our economic backbone or risk their lives every day to protect others.”

CEO of Twiceme, Christian Connolly, commented, “Schuberth’s commitment to professional safety aligns perfectly with Twiceme’s vision. We are excited to partner up and introduce products to set new standards for safety. With Schuberth and Twiceme’s collective reach in the industrial and rescue communities, we have a remarkable opportunity to enhance safety in challenging environments. Whether it’s a firefighter saving lives in the line of duty or a construction worker, Schuberth and Twiceme are dedicated to safeguarding professionals” 

This partnership represents a significant leap forward in elevating safety across various industries. Schuberth’s commitment to incorporating Twiceme’s HTH technology is a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that professionals and enthusiasts alike can perform their duties with a heightened level of safety. 

SCHUBERTH will show the range of helmet models with Twiceme at A+A Expo 2023. Expected time of launch is Q1. For more information, please visit and

About Schuberth.

The helmet manufacturer Schuberth, based in Magdeburg, Germany, has been developing and producing high-end head protection systems for over 70 years. With a wide range of innovative products, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motorcycle and motorsport helmets, as well as innovative head protection solutions in the fields of occupational safety, firefighting, police and military. In particular, the experience gained in Formula 1, the top class of motorsport, constantly provides new momentum for product developments that mark the reference class for head protection systems. For more information, visit

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Twiceme is a Swedish company, est. 2017, dedicated to turning bystanders into helpers all over the world. By embracing the philosophy that Helping is Human, we strive to inspire bystanders to act upon that most human of instincts – to help others. Our mission is to supply our Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology to all practitioners of sports and workers all over the planet, and to become the global standard that enables people everywhere to help. Join us on