Twiceme’s HTH platform ready to transform construction site safety

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Photo: Oskar Albrektson for Twiceme

In the world of construction, safety remains a key concern, and while the industry has made progress, there’s still work to be done. At Twiceme, we are dedicated to making a difference, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this safety revolution with our comprehensive safety tool – our Help the Helpers (HTH) Platform. 

Developed in close collaboration with our partner brands, representing some of the most progressive players in the PPE market, our HTH Platform will redefine safety practices and transform workplace safety.

How Twiceme helps to improve on-site safety.

In the fast-paced and high-stakes world of construction, emergencies can occur without warning. Whether it’s a sudden accident, a medical issue, or any other critical situation, Twiceme equips users with a lifeline to immediate assistance. Twiceme’s Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology guides bystanders of an accident through the crucial steps of alert – locate – identify during emergencies. This innovative approach not only leads to quicker response times but also has the potential to mitigate the severity of injuries. 

Construction sites often host a diverse mix of individuals from various backgrounds and affiliations, which can introduce language barriers and communication challenges, especially when multiple subcontractors are involved. This is precisely where Twiceme steps in, bridging these gaps and ensuring seamless communication.

At the heart of Twiceme’s mission is the aim to create a safety-conscious culture by embracing safety tech and meeting worker demands, all while raising the sense of safety 

Here’s what the Twiceme solution brings to the table:

  • Emergency Help: In the event of an accident, Twiceme ensures a swift connection to rescue services and immediate notification of loved ones.
  • Sharing of position: Twiceme enables users to share their current location, facilitating rapid response by emergency teams. This allows rescue teams to navigate the often complex and expansive construction sites with confidence. Whether the emergency occurs in an urban setting or on a remote construction site far out in the wilderness, Twiceme’s location-sharing feature ensures that responders can reach the scene without hesitation.
  • Gear-Based Information: By simply tapping the Twiceme symbol on the equipment, Twiceme’s HTH-technology gives instant access to any medical information uploaded by the wearer. This feature provides colleagues and emergency responders with critical details, ensuring precise and effective assistance.

Twiceme’s holistic approach to construction site safety not only enhances emergency management by improving efficiency and saving time, but also lowers the threshold for coworkers to support one another in case of accidents. It cultivates a culture where safety is paramount, benefiting all workers on-site.

New Twiceme features promise safer worksites tomorrow.

The existing safety features of the HTH platform have the potential to help improve workplace safety. And now, a new set of construction site safety tools is expected to be unveiled in the coming year, starting at the A+A show in October 2023. These tools are poised to further enhance safety protocols, streamline asset management, and offer comprehensive solutions for companies looking to take more comprehensive safety measures. 

In addition to providing a robust tool for assistance, it has the capacity to provide its partner brands with invaluable data insights on equipment usage. By integrating Twiceme’s HTH technology into their products, protective equipment manufacturers can take greater responsibility for worker safety, both before and after potential accidents.

Constantly moving forward and seeking new innovations that can improve safety for workers and businesses is what cements Twiceme’s position as a leader in reshaping the safety landscape in the construction industry. No longer limited to being an ingredient in PPE, Twiceme’s HTH technology are pioneers working to raise safety standards and empower individuals in the construction industry.


Twiceme’s commitment to real impact innovation demonstrates its intention of being instrumental in reshaping safety practices and streamlining construction site safety. Taking into account that the people working on construction sites are individuals with families who worry about their loved ones, siding with them is closely linked to Twiceme’s belief in the power of humankind. Twiceme’s HTH technology combines technology and compassion to protect and empower individuals in the construction industry.

Twiceme’s mission. 

At Twiceme, our goal is simple: we want to turn people who witness accidents into helpers. Twiceme is a company dedicated to making a difference. Whether you’ve ever felt unsure about helping during an accident or not, our mission is about bringing out the helper in all of us. We want to transform on-site safety and attitudes to empower workers to become brave helpers.

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