Helping is human

Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology by Twiceme

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Turning bystanders into helpers using HTH-Technology

Helping the helpers.

Helping the Helpers (HTH) technology aims to make sports and work environments safer by turning bystanders into helpers. We do this by making critical information available to people around you, should you become incapacitated in an accident.

We are pushing for a global standard for HTH-technology in sports and work environments. Developed since 2017 in close collaboration with professional rescue teams around the world, we believe that helping is the most human trait of all. We celebrate this through our technology.

Oakley partners up with Twiceme.

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Built in – for safety.

Twiceme is based on a new generation of proven NFC-Technology that is integrated into sport and professional safety wear in collaboration with many of the worlds leading brands.


Access via smartphone, network access or not.

Hovering your smartphone slowly over the Twiceme Symbol lets a helper access your uploaded profile, which is locally stored in your safety wear.


Turning bystanders into helpers.

Witnessing an accident, be it someone coming off a bike, skiing or a colleague getting hurt at work – the feeling of helplessness is a terrible thing. Twiceme gives you the right information to help, and gives professional rescuers the answers they need to act faster and with greater accuracy.



Herman Fogelberg

Arriving at an emergency scene, it is important for us to find out personal information about the injured person. Are you Finnish or Swedish? Have you lost your memory? And so on.I would say that this is just the kind of solution that we have asked for, where you can easily access a lot of information. It’s useful to everyone but especially to professional rescuers arriving at a scene of an accident.



Sophie Odelberg

Twiceme is a fantastic product! The app works great, is easy to use and to enter data into. It is filling a given but previously unexplored gap in security equipment market – It’s crazy that it didn’t exist before.



Mark Orzech

Safety technology like Twiceme helps us as first responders to give better care based on accurate medical data and prepares the next level in the chain of caregivers just before we get in contact with the patient. Every time we have to work with kids who are involved in an accident or get lost, easy accessibility of personal information would be a major timesaver.