Helping is human
HTH Technology provides you with the tools you need to be more prepared and take action in case of emergency
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Helping the helpers.

Helping the Helpers (HTH) technology aims to make sports and work environments safer by turning bystanders into helpers. We do this by making critical information available to people around you, should you become incapacitated in an accident.

We are pushing for a global standard for HTH-technology in sports and work environments. Developed since 2017 in close collaboration with professional rescue teams around the world, we believe that helping is the most human trait of all. We celebrate this through our technology.

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Built in – for safety.

Twiceme is based on a new generation of proven NFC-Technology that is integrated into sport and professional safety wear in collaboration with many of the worlds leading brands.


Emergency features for protecting lives.

Should an accident happen, Twiceme allows you to take the correct actions for faster and better care. Alert ICE contacts, rescuers or national emergencies by the press of a button. Provide GPS coordinates and safety information in an instance through text or call, so rescuers arrive more prepared.


Be in control before an accident even happens.

Using equipment that’s in the best condition is the #1 way to ensure accidents don’t happen. Make sure to always be prepared through product info and safety training.

Integrate HTH-Technology by Twiceme for your customers.

Weaving HTH-Technology from Twiceme into equipment at a production level brings safety beyond the expected. Learn more about our product offering that allows safety to be integrated into equipment of all price ranges. Because safety should be available for everyone.

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