Twiceme and Julbo in new partnership to increase safety

Stockholm, Sweden. Twiceme Technology wants to make adventures safer by making personal equipment smart. Today, a partnership with the French sports company Julbo was announced with the joint goal of increasing safety on the slopes. This will strengthen the presence and awareness of twICEme® in France and in the Alps which is great news for skiers wanting the most advanced equipment in terms of safety.

  • Twiceme Technology has entered a partnership with Julbo aiming to increase safety for skiers through digital technology
  • The twICEme® concept allows the first people on the scene of an accident to gain access to the most important personal information in case of emergency
  • The partnership marks further expansion of the twICEme® concept in Europe as the company Twiceme Technology aims for a global standard of vital info

Julbo just released their first batch of exciting new products that incorporates twICEme, just in time for the 2022/2023 ski season that we would like to present here!

To start us off, Julbo just became the first brand in the world to incorporate twICEme into a pair of ski goggles, two pairs to be exact. Two new versions of the already loved Quickshift as well as the Aerospace models. Both of the goggles use the Reactive technology photochromic lens that automatically allows for more or less light to shine through depending on the weather. They are well ventilated and have a special anti-fog coating so you will see clearly at all times.

Quickshift twICEme in black and green

The biggest difference between them is that the Quickshift model has a cylindrical lens meaning they curve across your face but are flat vertically. The Aerospace model on the other hand has a spherical lens, curving both horizontally and vertically allowing for superior field of view.

The Aerospace twICEme in black and green

Their new helmets were also released in the same capsule. The peak twICEme and Hal twICEme both of which also are based on already tested, released and loved versions, just without twICEme integration.

The Hal twICEme is a lightweight, high-performance helmet made for all terrain. It has an EPS shell that absorbs and distributes impact and a polycarbonate cover protects the EPS. It adheres to the EN1077 standard. It has adjustable airflow and fit as well as removable ear pads to make the helmet fit you and your needs.

Hal twICEme helmet in black

The Peak twICEme weighs in at only 360g without ear pads, making it fall into the featherweight category. All the while still being compliant with skiing (EN1077) and mountaineering (EN12492) standards. Like the Hal this helmet also allows for some customization in the fit, with the removable ear pads and an attachment for an optional headlamp.

The Peak twICEme helmet in black

Check out all of theese new products of Julbos website, here!

A collaboration aiming to create safer adventures

Twiceme Technology has joined up with the French sports brand Julbo in order to create safer adventures for skiers. The French brand is joining the ranks of innovative companies like POC Sports, Dainese, Everest and Flaxta to collaborate with Twiceme to create a global standard of vital information. Getting fast access to vital information can lead to faster and more accurate help in a rescue process. Julbo is the first official non-Swedish snow brand to announce a partnership with Twiceme Technology.

“We are happy to partner with yet another European brand that is as convinced as we are that technology can help end users be safer during their adventures. As more players come together in the industry, we get closer and closer to our goal of building a global standard of vital information”

says Christian Connolly, the CEO of Twiceme Technology.

Fast changes in the sports industry

Twiceme Technology is working with several brands in the industry and Julbo marks the start of a faster expansion that is expected in the coming months.

Many of the brands that are launching products with the twICEme® concept are not official yet, and we are very excited about the upcoming brands and products, says Christian Connolly.

As an increasing number of brands are joining the mission, more rescuers are paying attention to the development. The twICEme® concept already has a strong support in rescue communities like ICAR and among ski patrollers globally. In turn, this accelerates the interest in the twICEme® concept among the world’s most innovative brands.

About Julbo

Founded in 1888 in France, Julbo is synonymous with innovation and expertise in the world of eyewear. The family-run and fast-growing business is committed to the close relationship with customers and athletes as they strive to bring the best vision and protection solutions through sunglasses, goggles, and ski helmets.

About Twiceme Technology

Twiceme Technology is a Swedish company that has developed the concept twICEme®. Feel safe knowing that your equipment has twICEme® which can help you by providing fast access to the right information at the right time in case of emergency. Access information with any smartphone.