twICEme stories. Robert Ungh

Each year, Robert arranges an adventuring trip to the mountains whereas the participants sign up without knowing the location.

As an experienced guide for his own company Äventyr and a carefully prepared avalanche technician, he sets out the path for an exciting journey including hiking and skiing in the beautiful Scandinavian nature. In the scenario of being responsible for more than 10 people’s safety, Robert is equipping all the participants with twICEme Technology as a part of the safety precautions. 

The best way to make adventures safe is to take all the necessary precautions possible before the trip has even started, Robert says. 

If something were to happen, it will most likely take a long time before professional rescuers can arrive at the scene of the accident. By having all vital info accessible, Robert and the other participants can forward essential information through the phone to the alarm service. Additionally, they can thereby take eventual actions based on the advice from the SOS alarm.