Twiceme pays tribute to the world’s ski patrollers by supporting the next generation

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On the occasion of International Ski Patrol Day, Twiceme Technology pays tribute to all patrols by announcing another year of collaboration with Ski Patrol Sweden and their initiative for the future of ski patrols.

On February 10, for the first time ever, International Ski Patrol Day will be celebrated to acknowledge ski patrollers and all the work they put in to provide safe and good and fun skiing for everyone.

A ski patroller can be a lot of things – a first responder, a friendly face on the slopes, someone to rely on. Whatever the definition, Twiceme Technology owes them a lot. It is thanks to the indispensable work and feedback of ski patrollers world wide that Twiceme Technology is what it is today. It is with no small amount of gratitude that we thank you all for your valuable feedback that has helped us create a better and more tailored product for the purpose of making rescue operations more efficient. The demand of various ski patrollers and rescue teams world wide is what has shaped our mission of building a global symbol for smart safety.

In appreciation of the work of ski patrollers, Twiceme Technology is investing in the next generation of ski patrollers. By sponsoring the Junior Ski Patrol Day Sweden, Twiceme wants to contribute to a reality where risk awareness and a safety mindset is a no-brainer.

“Our goal is to become a global standard and a symbol for safety. That is why we are proud to be sponsoring the education of the next generation of ski patrollers. Being a part of this event is a way to thank all ski patrollers and show our support for their great efforts in their daily work”

– Christian Connolly, the CEO of Twiceme Technology

Here we have more information and an interview tih ski patroller Herman Fogelberg.