Salomon one of the world’s first to release smart ski helmets for kids

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The French outdoor brand Salomon is releasing a range of smart ski helmets for kids as a part of their FW 22/23 equipment launch. By integrating the safety technology Twiceme, the helmets can provide info such as parent phone numbers, exact location and other relevant information needed if something were to happen. Here you can find our recommended kids helmets. In this way, the collaboration between Salomon and Twiceme can help set co-riders and loved ones at ease – and is a clear mark where the equipment industry is headed.

Twiceme HTH (Help The Helpers) technology gives you the information you need to help someone who has become incapacitated in and accident. Using the NFC antenna on any smartphone, it enables bystanders to relay location, medical information and critical contact information to first responders on their way to the scene of the accident.

And it buys them and the wearer critical time. All without the need to unlock the wearer’s phone or even having network access.

Salomon’s tradition of producing high-performing outdoor gear and head protection worn by enthusiasts all around the globe is brought to an apex with their decision to step into the tech domain. Salomon is now launching not one, not two, but three (!) different models of kids helmets integrated with Twiceme. By making their helmets smart, they are joining other world-leading brands such as Oakley, POC, and Julbo in the mission of building a global standard of safety and their aim to create the most advanced protection out there.

“Being able to integrate smart safety in our helmets feels like a big step forward. Twiceme intuitive technology brings protection to a new level. Combining Salomon’s best patented safety technologies with easy access to essential information thanks to the Twiceme app, parents can fully enjoy their family ski days.” – Benjamin Raffort, Product Line Manager at Salomon.

“We are proud and excited for this initiative from the highly recognized brand Salomon as it increases reach and visibility which helps build Twiceme as the global symbol for smart safety. Salomon will join POC in the children’s segment which can help put worried parents at ease knowing that essential information about their loved one can be made available by the tap of a smartphone. “ says Christian Connolly, CEO of Twiceme Technology.

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Twiceme Technology is a Swedish safe-tech company aiming to make people safer by making equipment smart. By giving users the tools to take the correct actions, faster, twICEme hopes to create a new safety norm for outdoor sports and work environments. twICEme is a technology, established in 2017, based on an idea from ex-militaries. It has since been developed in close collaboration with professional rescue teams.

Salomon delivers innovation to mountain sports, converting new ideas into action and expanding the limits of possibility. Salomon’s heritage, culture, and commitment are tied together by one simple concept: the world’s leading mountain people creating the world’s leading mountain products.