Julbo releases the world’s first smart ski goggles for increased protection

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Julbo is advancing in the industry as they are launching a whole host of new products with twICEme, the Swedish ingredient brand that is emerging as the global standard for smart safety for its fall winter 2022/2023 collection. Julbo’s standing in the market will be joined with twICEme to create the most advanced equipment in the market yet.

twICEme is an integrated technology that allows users to store personal safety information in their gear. Data such as allergies, previous injuries, insurance information, emergency contacts, and more can all be uploaded to the user’s profile via the twICEme app. In a situation where the user is injured or unresponsive, medical and rescue professionals can access their profile, even without the app, by simply tapping their smartphone to the twICEme symbol displayed on the equipment. Access to this safety information will give first responders a clear, efficient way to make decisions in the case of an emergency where time is often most critical.

Julbo’s tradition of producing world leading eye protection and innovative head protection is brought to an apex with their decision to step into the digital domain by making their equipment smart, aiming to increase safety. The French innovator is launching two lines of helmets in the Hal and Peak series joining the likes of POC, Salomon and Dainese in the mission of building a global standard of safety. But the position as an innovator in the market is truly solidified by the second part of Julbos winter offering. The sports brand is the first in the world to release goggles with twICEme®, bringing eyewear into the category of sporting goods capable of doing more to protect users.

“We can see that wearable technology development is becoming more and more refined to move out of the purely gadget side. The « smart » side is better integrated into the products and it becomes a real help, either to monitor your performance or to provide additional service. Making the Aerospace and Quickshift goggles  smart by integrating twICEme broadens the function of it and allows us to provide more protection for our customers. The combination with two smart helmets only adds to the idea of making consumers safer.” – Nicolas Defude, Product Manager, Julbo

“We believe that personal safety equipment can be greatly benefitted from becoming smart as it could make people within the world of action sports safer,” says Christian Connolly, CEO of Twiceme Technology. Julbo, being the first brand in the world to launch goggles with twICEme in the market, shows the broader possibilities with twICEme that can be integrated into many types of protective equipment”.

HAL twICEme®,  The Peak twICEme® Available now – online and in selected stores.
Quickshift twICEme®, Aerospace twICEme® Available now – online and in selected stores.

Twiceme Technology is a Swedish safe-tech company aiming to make people safer by making equipment smart. By giving users the tools to take the correct actions, faster, twICEme hopes to create a new safety norm for outdoor sports and work environments. twICEme is a technology, established in 2017, based on an idea from ex-militaries. It has since been developed in close collaboration with professional rescue teams.

Founded in 1888 in France, Julbo is synonymous with innovation and expertise in the world of eyewear and protection. The family-run, fast growing business is committed to the close relationship with customers and athletes as they strive to bring the best vision and protection solutions through sunglasses, goggles and ski helmets.