Everest’s ski helmets become smart through twICEme to increase safety on the slopes

Twiceme Technology aims to be the global standard of accessible vital information. By achieving this, they aim to create safer working environments and adventures for people. The new collaboration with the strong brand Everest takes the company closer to that goal.

  • Swedish Twiceme Technology has initiated a collaboration with Everest to increase safety on the slopes through digital technology
  • Thanks to the technology twICEme® that is integrated into the helmet, the first people on the scene of an accident can gain easy and safe access to vital personal information
  • The partnership enables more people to gain access to the technology and can thereby help create safer adventures for people

A new collaboration within the snow segment

Stockholm, Sweden. The Swedish company  Twiceme Technology has together with the outdoors brand Everest initiated a collaboration with the mutual ambition to increase safety for skiers. twICEme®, as the concept is called, will be integrated into Everest’s ski helmets which thereby enables access to important vital information about a person that has been in an accident. Everest’s ski helmets with twICEme® will be launched during the fall/winter of 2021. 

“Everest is a very well-known brand in the nordics. With such a strong brand onboard, we take a large step in the right direction to increase awareness around the technology, and in that way, we aim to create safer adventures for people”

says Christian Connolly, CEO at Twiceme Technology. 

The technology enables the first people on the scene of an accident, and later the professional rescuers, to scan the victim’s helmet with a smartphone and thereby gain safe and easy access to the person’s vital info. This creates better conditions for faster and more correct care in the event of an accident and this is something that is widely demanded by ski patrollers and professional rescuers.

“For us at Everest, safety is extremely important and it is something that should be available to many. Therefore, it feels important and exciting to initiate a partnership with Twiceme Technology to take safety for helmets to the next level. We think that the technology will contribute to this by allowing help to be given quickly and effectively to an injured person

says Henrik Hedberg, Product Manager at Everest. 

The twICEme® concept is already integrated into equipment from both Swedish and international brands within the sports and construction segment. twICEme® is thereby available in everything from bike and skiing helmets to construction helmets and harnesses. Beyond Everest, the technology is integrated into brands like POC, Flaxta andGuardio.

The Freeride NFC MIPS

Freeride NFC MIPS in black
Freeride NFC MIPS in black

The new ski helmet was released in late 2021 and is called the “Freeride NFC MIPS”. With a solid Dual in-mold construction of both polycarbonate and EPS foam. It features both twICEme and MIPS for improved safety. This helmet gives you a lot of safety for the price. Read more about the helmet.

The future of equipment

A couple of years ago, it was rare to see people wearing helmets on the slopes. Today, almost all skiers wear protective equipment. The next step is for equipment to become smarter to gradually raise the bar for safety. This is something that is confirmed by the fact that an increasing number of equipment producers are integrating twICEme® into their equipment in both the sports and construction segment.

About Everest

Everest is sold both online and in stores via the outdoors retailer Stadium which is one of Sweden’s largest retailers within the space. The brand targets the broader public but has for a long time been at the forefront when it comes to innovation and product development within the outdoors segment.

About Twiceme Technology 

Twiceme Technology’s concept twICEme® was created by former military professionals. The use of the technology has since then been broadened and now the vision is to create safer adventures and working environments for people. Twiceme achieves this by integrating twICEme® into protective equipment (or PPE). In the recent year, the company has expanded from 1 brand to 11 brands that benefit from the technology intending to create safer equipment.