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  • Twiceme Unveils Rebranding – Aims to Revolutionize PPE Market

    Twiceme, the Swedish safety company focusing on helping individuals in emergency situations, is proud to unveil a refreshed brand identity. To drive market awareness and build on the notion that helping others in need is the most human thing to do, the rebranding puts human action in focus. Twiceme hopes this will speak to end-users…

  • Guardian launches the B7 Safety Harness with Twiceme

    Twiceme and Guardian, a fall protection company, have partnered to launch the Guardian B7-Comfort Harness in the United States. The harness integrates Twiceme’s “Help The Helpers” technology, which allows users to upload health and safety information to their equipment via the twICEme app, providing them with access to safety information and sending location coordinates.

  • The Best Construction Safety Helmet in 2023

    Construction safety helmets are essential personal protective equipment for workers in the construction industry. The article explores some of the best options available in 2023, along with the latest safety technologies and advanced features. The best construction safety helmets are of high quality, with added safety features and technologies, and provide better protection than most helmets on the market. The article also provides insights into what to consider before purchasing a construction safety helmet, such as industry standards and requirements, fit and comfort, and additional features. Investing in a high-quality construction safety helmet is essential to protect workers from potential hazards on the job site.

  • US Cyclists Willing to Pay for Twiceme’s HTH-Technology in Helmets

    Twiceme, a safety technology company, recently conducted a survey to gauge the willingness of US bike riders to pay for their innovative safety technology. The survey asked three questions: – “Would you feel safer if personal safety information was shared with rescuers in an emergency?” – “Would you be willing to pay USD 15 extra for equipment that can do this?” – “What’s the most important criterion when buying a new helmet?” The results of the survey were quite interesting.

  • Twiceme in partnership with the prestigious mountain guide org NORTIND

    The Swedish safe-tech brand twICEme® is today announcing a new partnership with the Norske Tindevegledere (NORTIND), a highly respected educational institution and world-renowned mountain guide organization.

  • Guardian® and Twiceme in partnership to bring enhanced safety to fall protection equipment in the US

    Global height safety specialist Guardian is pleased to announce a partnership with Twiceme Technology, the rapidly growing safe-tech company out of Sweden. The partnership will debut with the integration of twICEme’s technology in the upcoming launch of Guardian’s B7-Comfort Harness planned to start shipping to customers late April 2023.

  • Twiceme stories: Jacob witnessed a workplace accident

    Unfortunately, workplace accidents do happen. And they can often be difficult to deal with, both emotionally but also from a purely technical point of view. We sat down with Jacob who told us about an incident at his workplace.

  • Twiceme announces partnership with American Mountain Guides Association

    The Swedish safe-tech company Twiceme Technology is today announcing a new partnership with the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). With its 5700+ professional climbing and ski guides and over 226,000 guided experiences annually, AMGA makes a perfect addition to twICEme’s rapidly growing community of rescuers and mountain guides.

  • POC Otocon & POC Otocon Race MIPS comparison

    Among the wide array of full-face helmets available, the POC Otocon stands out as a top choice. But what model is the right fit for you?

  • Highlights of 2022: Twiceme on the rise

    From 20 to over 70 models in one year, a large number of new models on the market, new partners who want to be part of the journey to make people safer – and of course lots of fun activations with our dear rescue community. It’s fair to say twICEme has had an eventful year.