Guardian launches the B7 Safety Harness with Twiceme

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Twiceme, a global leader in safety technology, is excited to be part of Guardian’s B7-Comfort Harness, launching in the United States. This revolutionary harness offers unparalleled safety and comfort, thanks to innovative technologies such as Twiceme, groundbreaking engineering, and expert design that puts the user’s needs first.

The B7-Comfort Harness has been in development for over a year, with extensive end-user feedback informing every stage of the design process. This has resulted in a harness that offers exceptional adjustability, mobility, and ergonomics, providing the most comfortable experience possible while working at height.

Jeff Ward, Guardian’s CEO states, “I am thrilled for Guardian to be the first fall protection construction brand to partner with Twiceme Technology in the United States. The integration of the twICEme technology into our new premium B7-Comfort harness clearly demonstrates the 360-degree thinking Guardian’s business is built on.  I have known the Twiceme management team and twICEme technology for some time. A partnership was inevitable as both of us anchor our brand purpose in helping to make safety simpler.”

The B7-Comfort Harness offers a range of key features, including:

  • Adjustable Waist Padding: Patent-pending adjustable padding offers exceptional comfort and a custom fit, with adjustability on both the shoulder and waist pads. The waist pad also accommodates the Adjustable Tool Bag Attachment System, which supports and secures tool bags between 4″ and 10″ in width.
  • DiaLock Torso Adjusters: Patent-pending DiaLock Torso Adjusters allow for easy, quick, and precise adjustment of the harness. The secure, dual-locking mechanism ensures webbing won’t creep or loosen throughout the day.
  • Three-Six-O Harness Chassis: The unique design allows the torso and sub-pelvic region to move independently, providing unrivaled 360-degree movement and bind-free mobility at the hips.
  • Advanced Padding Material and Design: Military-grade rip-stop nylon with UV and chemical-resistant rubber offer ultimate protection and long-term durability.
  • Twiceme Help-the-helpers (HTH) technology: Users can voluntarily upload health and safety information to their equipment via the twICEme app, allowing them to manage and access safety information, check product details, and send location coordinates.
  • EZ D-Ring: The unique design keeps the dorsal D-ring upright and easily accessible for tie-off, while the patent-pending Personal Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL-P) adapter keeps SRLs high, tight, and secure.

Sean Wirth, Guardian Senior Product Manager, says about the partnership: “We’re excited to partner with Twiceme Technology and be the first Fall Protection company in North America to incorporate their innovative safety technology into our harnesses. As 360-degree Height Safety experts, we need to think about all aspects of safety, including rescue and post-fall. While our mission is mitigating falls from height, in the unfortunate circumstances where they happen, we aspire to have products that not only arrest the fall effectively, but also lend to efficient post-fall rescue and first-aid. Integrating twICEme safety technology into the harness aids tremendously in the latter, making it the perfect solution for our upcoming B7-Comfort Harness line. The B7-Comfort harness has been developed through a couple of years of gaining end-user insights, and the feedback we’ve received thus far about twICEme as a feature has been validating. Users have applauded the addition of a unique feature that supports and simplifies their rescue plans on-site. This is a big step for Guardian who continue to pioneer the next generation of height safety products and protocols.”

Christian Connolly, CEO at Twiceme Technology says: “We are seeing a large unmet need in the industrial segment for increased safety through technology. That is why it is extremely powerful to have onboard one of the largest global producers of fall protection equipment. Together with Guardian, and brands like them in the construction industry, twICEme is quickly becoming a standard for smart safety and thereby follows the success seen in the sporting industry. The launch of the B7-Comfort Harness, and partnering with such an important brand as Guardian, is part of Twiceme’s mission to empower all bystanders to become helpers through the awareness and adaptation of  HTH (Help The Helpers) technology. Because we believe that Helping people is the most human thing to do. And reconnecting humanity to its natural instinct is our very reason for existing.”

To learn more about the B7-Comfort Harness, check out their new video. And to place an order or request a demonstration, please reach out to your local Guardian representative.

About Twiceme Technology

We turn bystanders into helpers.

Twiceme HTH (Help The Helpers) technology gives you the information you need to help someone who has become incapacitated in an accident. Using the NFC antenna on any smartphone, it enables bystanders to relay location, medical information, and critical contact information to first responders on their way to the scene of the accident.

And it buys them and the wearer critical time. All without the need to unlock the wearer’s phone or even have network access. So don’t feel helpless – be a helper. Learn to look for the Twiceme symbol on equipment and do the most human thing of all – help.

About Guardian

Guardian is the world’s largest independent fall protection and prevention partner.  With design, manufacturing, height safety training, and engineered system experts across North America and the UK, it serves partners around the globe with a 360-degree height safety offer.

64551ca5be35de533a160cd0 b7 comfort harness