Guardian® and Twiceme in partnership to bring enhanced safety to fall protection equipment in the US

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Global height safety specialist Guardian is pleased to announce a partnership with Twiceme Technology, the rapidly growing safe-tech company out of Sweden. The partnership will debut with the integration of twICEme’s technology in the upcoming launch of Guardian’s B7-Comfort Harness planned to start shipping to customers late April 2023.

twICEme® is an integrated technology that allows end-users to enter personal data into a piece of equipment. In the event that the person is incapacitated due to a medical or traumatic event, bystanders and first responders can access this data by tapping the twICEme symbol displayed on the equipment with a smartphone. Data such as allergies, previous injuries, emergency contacts, product information and more can all be uploaded to the user’s profile via the twICEme app. Access to this safety information will give first responders a clear, efficient way to make decisions in the case of an emergency where time is often most critical, but can also be helpful to co-workers in the event that something happens to their colleague on site. Any personal data the user enters is stored locally on the chip for the sole purpose of providing quick and accessible safety information. This information and data is not sent – or stored – to any cloud-based storage, making it only accessible via a smartphone with NFC-reading capabilities and the chip itself.

Sean Wirth, Guardian Senior Product Manager, says about the partnership, “We’re excited to partner with Twiceme Technology and be the first Fall Protection company in North America to incorporate their innovative safety technology into our harnesses. As 360-degree Height Safety experts, we need to think about all aspects of safety, including rescue and post-fall. While our mission is mitigating falls from height, in the unfortunate circumstances where they happen, we aspire to have products that not only arrest the fall effectively, but also lend to efficient post-fall rescue and first-aid. Integrating twICEme safety technology into the harness aides tremendously in the latter, making it the perfect solution for our upcoming B7-Comfort Harness line. The B7-Comfort harness has been developed through a couple years of gaining end-user insights, and the feedback we’ve received thus far about twICEme as a feature has been validating.  Users have applauded the addition of a unique feature that supports and simplifies their rescue plans on-site. This is a big step for Guardian who continue to pioneer the next generation of height safety products and protocols.”

Christian Connolly, CEO at Twiceme Technology follows with, “We are seeing a large unmet need in the industrial segment for increased safety through technology. That is why it is extremely powerful to have onboard one of the largest global producers of fall protection equipment. Together with Guardian, and brands like them in the construction industry, twICEme is quickly becoming a standard for smart safety and thereby follows the success seen in the sporting industry. In all, partnering with a global player within the space goes in line with our mission of creating a global standard, allowing people to get help faster.”

Introduced at the 2023 World of Concrete Expo in January, Guardian’s new B7 Harness has been built directly from end-user insights and offers best-in-class precision adjustment, premium comfort and enhanced safety features, including twICEme technology.  With numerous patents and built-in smart technology, the innovation found in B7-Comfort Harness truly takes worker height safety to new levels.

Jeff Ward, Guardian’s CEO states, “I am thrilled for Guardian to be the first fall protection construction brand to partner Twiceme Technology in the United States. The integration of the twICEme technology into our new premium B7-Comfort harness clearly demonstrates the 360-degree thinking Guardian’s business is built upon.  I have known the Twiceme management team and twICEme technology for some time. A partnership was inevitable as both of us anchor our brand purpose in helping to make safety simpler.”

The B7-Comfort Harness with twICEme technology is available for pre-order now and planned to start shipping late April 2023. To learn more, please reach out to your Guardian Height Safety expert today!


Guardian is the world’s largest independent fall protection and prevention partner.  With design, manufacturing, height safety training and engineered system experts across North America and the UK, it serves partners around the globe with a 360-degree height safety offer.


Twiceme Technology is a Swedish safe-tech company aiming to make people safer by making equipment smart. By giving users the tools to take the correct actions, faster, twICEme aims to create a global symbol for smart safety in work environments. twICEme is a technology, established in 2017, based on an idea from ex-militaries. It has since been developed in close collaboration with global rescue teams