United by one vision

The vision for twICEme has, from the start, been to take the technology way beyond the military and help people in every aspect of their lives. twICEme provides a tool to make people feel safer in their leisure time, training sessions, commute to work, at work, and wherever else an emergency situation might arise.

A global standard

When our founders created twICEme, they set the vision that it would become a global solution for providing vital info about people in emergencies. During their years in the military, they discovered a worldwide need for a standardized tool to quickly access information about a person’s health, insurance, and personal contacts in case the need for medical attention would arise. Their ultimate goal was to create a tool that could help save lives all over the world.

The concept is simple. First and foremost, you need a gear with integrated twICEme technology. With the gear in your hand, simply download the free app and upload a personal profile with whatever vital information you wish to submit (insurance, health, and ICE contacts etc.). Once your profile is finalized and uploaded, everyone with a smartphone can scan your equipment and instantly access vital information about you in case of an emergency. With these easy steps, twICEme can fulfill the need and provide a fast and reliable safety tool to quickly provide all essential information about a person in need of help.


Safety for everyone – everywhere

Statistics from the Swedish Arbetsmiljöverket show that the construction industry is a particularly hazardous and dangerous environment to work in. Of all industries, construction has had the highest number of work-related accidents with a deadly outcome in the past ten years.

According to the Swedish organization Hållnollan, at least five workers are every day, on average, severely injured in the construction industry. These injuries are so critical that the workers need to go on sick leave for at least a month, sometimes more. Following our core values and vision of saving lives everywhere – twICEme will in the spring of 2020 expand into the construction segment. Together with the pioneering and innovative brand Guardio, twICEme will launch its first integrated safety helmet in May.

Given the high numbers of work-related injuries in the construction industry, twICEme can provide value and function as a safety precaution for the workers. By stepping into the construction segment, we are moving closer to our goal of providing vital information when lives are at stake and seconds matter. Certain industry workers are at a particularly high risk of endangering their health and wellbeing, just by performing daily work tasks.

The agriculture, manufacturing, and transport industry also have high numbers of work-related fatalities. The twICEme technology can provide fundamental value for many of these industries by being integrated into the workers’ equipment and safety helmets. Through a quick scan, co-workers and ambulance professionals can immediately access vital information about the person in critical need of medical attention. Through this simple technique, twICEme could potentially help save the lives of industry workers – everywhere.


Enjoy yourself on your down time

twICEme technology aims to help you feel more secure in as many parts of your life as possible. Your safety is especially important when you are being active and pursuing high-intensity sports activities, where you might be exposed to a higher risk of injuring yourself. Integrated into your protective gear, twICEme will follow with you on your cycling, mountain biking, and skiing adventures. You can focus on having fun and exploring your interests stress-free, knowing that your co-riders and twICEme have your back.

If you are biking far up the mountains or off into the terrain, chances are, you will probably lose your internet connection. The twICEme technology is therefore intentionally designed to work under special conditions and in remote locations. twICEme is guaranteed to function without any internet connection or mobile network and does not contain any battery. Wherever you are, you can rest assured that twICEme will work/deliver information and quickly provide help to you and your loved ones when needed.

You can find twICEme integrated in the Obex BC Spin snow helmet and Tectal Race MIPS NFC mountain bike helmet from POC Sports. The OBEX BC Spin launch was a huge success and will in the 2020-21 winter season be followed up with a kids version named POCito Fornix NFC.


Safety in your everyday life

When we are not being adventurous and active in our spare time, most of us live busy lives and plan our schedules around our weekdays. Many ride bicycles to quickly get around the city, most likely because it is a cheap and eco-friendly commute alternative. Many city cyclists ride their bikes several times a day; to work, when they are meeting up with friends, when they are grocery shopping, and as an exercise method.

Statistics from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) show that city bikers are highly affected by safety issues on the roads such as lacking bicycle paths and traffic accidents. They show a staggering number of accidents specifically in city environments, which can be worrisome to many city cyclists.

A road bicycle helmet with integrated twICEme technology could provide a heightened sense of security for bikers who are worried about their safety in the traffic. If the unexpected happens, city bikers can feel more assured knowing that first responders, friends, and family can instantly access accurate and updated information about you. With the information provided by twICEme technology through your equipment, people can help you in the best way possible. twICEme is integrated in the Ventral Air MIPS NFC road bike helmet by POC Sports.

A global community of rescue and ambulance professionals

We are spreading awareness and continuously informing rescue and ambulance professionals worldwide about the twICEme technology. We are informing both overarching as well as local ambulance and rescue organizations. By sending out free information kits, we are spreading awareness and knowledge of the twICEme symbol and how to access information from it. Thus far, we have informed over 180 rescue organizations across 40 countries.

Endless potential

Whether you are biking in the hills, on your way to work, or at work; the twICEme technology can come in hand in several situations in your day-to-day life. The concept of twICEme is moreover not limited to only head protective equipment, but could seamlessly be integrated into clothing and other gear as well. The chip is so lightweight and small that you would not notice it in your gear. As one of our founders said, “the possibilities with twICEme technology are endless”.