Press mentions of twICEme following new safety helmet launch

Last week, twICEme technology announced the launch of the safety helmet ARMET together with innovative Swedish personal protective equipment producer Guardio. The safety helmet has integrated twICEme technology, for instant access to vital information in case of an emergency, and a brain-protective tool created by MIPS Protection. Following the press event, several news outlets have published articles about the exciting new launch and how digital solutions, such as twICEme, can provide safety for workers in the construction industry.

The Swedish construction news site “Byggvärlden” writes an article about how new digital solutions in the safety helmets can increase the safety on construction sites. They say that “Smart digital solutions are the new thing this year.” They explain how the twICEme technology functions, that it already exists in sporting helmets, and that we are now entering the construction segment. They go into detail about the product and explain that the user chooses themselves which type of information they wish to submit to their helmet and that the personal information is never stored in “the cloud”.

“Outstanding milestone for the development of safety in the construction industry”

The Swedish construction paper “Svensk Byggtidning” writes an article about the launch of the ARMET safety helmet. They recognize and embrace digital solutions in the construction segment. They acknowledge the severe safety issues construction workers are exposed to daily and how twICEme can provide help in case of an emergency. They describe twICEme technology in safety helmets as an “important and crucial solution when an accident has occurred”. Further, they explain how to use the technology: “With a smartphone, you can quickly access vital information about the injured person, such as allergies, chronic diseases, medicines, and ICE-contacts to loved ones.”

The launch has also created a buzz on LinkedIn and received great feedback from people from many different industries. Robert Lindberg, who works with safety issues in the construction industry, celebrates the ARMET safety helmet launch. Lindberg wants to spread the word about how twICEme technology can provide safety in the construction segment and says that the technology could provide a “life or death difference when medical professionals are provided with the right information in time”.  The post has received positive reactions and created a debate about the importance of safety, digital solutions, and modernization in the construction segment. These are some of the comments that were made under Lindberg’s post:  

“Brilliant! The right information, to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place!”

“You are aware that you are writing history now, right? Congratulations to a real innovation in the construction industry.”

“Another great step towards a safer work environment. A good life insurance if an accident would occur. I really think it’s about time that more digital tools are brought into the PPE industry.”

“Awesome!! This is so brilliant! This is innovative and definitely modern!”