The world’s first Fall Protection Harness with twICEme Technology

twICEme Technology enters a new product category by integrating the digital solution of easily accessible vital info into fall protection harnesses. Together with the industry frontrunner Fall Safe®️, the partnership aims to develop the safest and most innovative fall protection equipment in the market.

A digital solution to fall protection equipment

After entering the construction segment while adding twICEme Technology into safety helmets, a lot of interest was shown by companies developing additional safety products within the industry. The European fall protection specialist Fall Safe®️ was one of the first to initiate a dialogue.

– We saw an instant fit of the twICEme concept and our harnesses, and we believe that our customers will appreciate this kind of safety feature,

says Jan Ekman, Export Manager of Fall Safe®️. The construction industry in general is struggling with an extensive amount of accidents and a high fatality rate. Experts within the field have confirmed that the future of safety equipment lies within innovative integrated features. By integrating twICEme into the fall protection harnesses, Fall Safe®️ can provide its customers with a groundbreaking digital solution that enables a wider approach to safety. By making the user’s vital info easily accessible through a smartphone, a new dimension of safety can be added to the products, which thereby speak for you if you can’t speak for yourself.

For more info about the Fall Safe Spindel PRO, one of the products from this launch. Check out our safety harness buying guide.

Addressing challenges in a new segment

Aiming to create safer adventures and working environments for people exposed to a greater risk of accident, the twICEme concept can be integrated into any type of equipment where users are exposed to a greater risk of an accident. The partnership with Fall Safe opens up a completely new market of fall safety equipment where twICEme can create large value for the companies and all end-users involved. Solving complex, real problems is what drives innovation and excites market players.

Momentum in the construction segment

The combination of an extensive amount of accidents in the construction segment and the simplicity of integrating the twICEme concept into PPE has resulted in huge interest by world-leading actors in the industry. Joining the movement of creating a global standard of vital info by integrating a fast-time-to-market feature was unquestionable for Fall Safe which now aims to drive a change for higher safety within the industry.

– The more equipment producers that integrate twICEme and join the mission of building a global standard of vital info, the greater impact this feature will make for the daily construction workers,

Jan Ekman summarizes.

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