What is Twiceme? Everything you need to know.

Starting as an idea in the military, Twiceme is now set for becoming the global symbol of safety information backed by some of the world’s leading brands and innovators. Find out what Twiceme is and how it came about.

Let’s start with a scenario; you come by someone, they are hurt and can’t really make themselves understood. The first thing you do is call 911 or another rescue service. The person on the other side of the line picks up and starts asking you questions. What has happened? Who is the person? Where are you exactly? Does the person have any medical condition?

The line is silent as you try to find the information to answer their questions.

Let’s try another one: You are skiing on the piste in Val D’isére and come across a lost child. You speak English. The child speaks French. Who is it? Where are the child’s parents? What are their phone numbers?

The scenarios above are good examples of the difficulty in finding the right safety information at the right time. There is no good way of getting around this issue today. This is the problem that we here at Twiceme Technology have set out to solve.

What is twICEme?
twICEme® is a technology integrated into equipment like ski-, bike- and construction helmets, ski goggles, fall protection harnesses, and jackets. It allows people around you to take the correct action faster after an incident. The technology includes the twICEme functional symbol, the app, and the device.

What info can I access on twICEme?
The user, and the user only, always decides how much or how little information to upload on its equipment. It could be important medical information, medical history, phone numbers to loved ones, insurance info, coordinates, and more. This data is stored locally and not uploaded or shared to a cloud.

How do I access this safety information?
With a tap of a smartphone on the Twiceme symbol, which indicates an integrated digital device, you’re able to simply access the info in seconds using Near Field Communication (NFC).

Developed in consultation with rescuers
twICEme is developed in consultation with some of the world’s most respected rescue professionals, search and rescue groups, ski patrollers, ambulance, nurses, etc. The aim of this collaboration is to help us to create the most valuable product for them and the end-users.

The awareness of twICEme has started to increase rapidly among professional rescuers and end-users and the more people that know about it, the better. That means that every single day, value increases as more people learn and can take action if something was to happen. Network effect when it’s the best!

Building a standard symbol of safety information
twICEme is integrated into protective products from some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands. Today partners like POC, Oakley, and O’Neal are integrating the technology in the sports segment and brands like Studson and Guardio are improving the construction space.

The number of brands is steadily growing as more and more are joining the mission of building a standard symbol for safety.

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Some FAQ and more technical information can be found here.
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