What 2020 taught us and how twICEme Technology takes on 2021

The end of a challenging year is worth celebrating – and so is twICEme’s second year anniversary. The last year was difficult for many, while surprisingly promising for a few. Although it was far from the year we hoped for on a humanitarian level, new learnings were gathered and adjustments were made, which will result in new opportunities in 2021. twICEme Technology’s journey towards becoming a global standard of accessible vital info faced several obstacles in early 2020, however, these were conquered, and here we are today, excited and energized for the opportunities the new year offers.

An obstacle no one could foresee

By the end of 2019, twICEme Technology launched its first product to the market in collaboration with the Swedish and innovative brand POC. The ski helmet Obex BC SPIN completely outperformed the initial sales forecasts and received huge attention and positive feedback. Following the first success, the two bike helmets Tectal Race SPIN NFC and Ventral Air SPIN NFC were launched in early spring 2020 and successfully opened up another segment within the sports industry; biking. 

In March, the pandemic hit like a roadblock. Just as numerous agreements with innovative sports brands were about to be closed, Covid-19 interrupted the discussions. Rescue professionals went into quarantine and customers needed to prioritize their expenses, and sports equipment ended up far down the list. The expansion of twICEme as a global brand slowed down. 

Fast actions resulted in a 470% increase

However, as a company today, there needs to be an ability to shift focus and set out new strategic directions. As a result, twICEme decided to enter the professional safety industry via the innovative equipment producer Guardio Safety. Based on well-analyzed data and interviews with construction companies and personnel, it was evident that twICEme could help to increase safety through its technological solution.

Opening up a new segment once again allowed for building momentum in becoming the global standard for vital information. By the end of the year, three frontrunners within the professional safety industry and two in total in the sports segment started integrating twICEme. Moreover, twICEme also proved that the solution can be integrated into other PPE than helmets through the integration into fall protection harnesses

In sum, the number of products with a twICEme integration increased by more than 470% during 2020. A huge thanks goes out to all of our stakeholders who kept engaging with us during the last year, professional rescue personnel who talked to us during their valuable free time, and brands who refused to stop innovating despite hard times. This helped us get back on track toward becoming the global standard for vital information and will provide exciting outcomes in 2021. 

Major improvements will set the stage for expansion in 2021

This will be the third year for twICEme Technology with products on the market. Consequently, the technology has been proven in the market and a great number of brands and rescue professionals are showing interest in new technology within the safety space. One explanation for the notable increase in interest can be the “survival effect” from the pandemic. These challenging times have increased the determination of brands and rescuers to take safety even more seriously. Together, we can make a change, both today and in the future.

The expectation for 2021 is that the number of PPE with a twICEme integration will increase significantly, and thereby allow for even safer adventures and working environments for more people. On the back of such a promising development, twICEme commits to reinvesting into the company on all levels. We will be better. We will be stronger. We will hire more intelligent people who want to inspire change and contribute to the mission of building a global standard of vital info. 

Together, let’s make 2021 a safer year for us and our loved ones!