Upgraded user experience thanks to joint project with KTH

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In a joint research and development project with engineers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Twiceme Technology has updated its hardware catalogue with the goal to enable the best possible user experience.


At Twiceme, we strive to achieve the best possible user experience. That is why in the fall of 2021, twICEme teamed up with engineers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In a joint research and development project, we had the opportunity to explore ways to upgrade and improve the hardware.

The project

We approached the project with the understanding that the existing hardware did not offer optimal user experience as the antenna size of the hardware is considered small, and it can therefore, for unexperienced NFC users, be challenging to find the antenna when scanning the functional symbol. In a situation where seconds matter, it’s important that no time is wasted on finding the antenna.

Until today, we have taken the view that a hardware solution that fits all sizes of helmets and equipment is the most optimal way of working. What the engineering team at KTH helped us understand, and argue for, was to change our range of hardware offered.

It’s pretty simple – the bigger the hardware, the bigger the antenna and thus a better user experience.

The challenge with the bigger, updated hardware is that it must be able to be integrated without being damaged. What is important to us is to never compromise on our current low failure rate in production – and aim to maintain this rate with the updated hardware.

twICEme hardware being tested on a prototype helmet
Hardware being tested in clay helmet to ensure improved user experience


What the project resulted in was the insight that we should offer a variety of hardware – to be able to tailor the solution to the size of the helmet. The result (with some adjustments based on our own research) is now being lab tested with expected satisfying results.

Working with the engineers at KTH has given us vital insights on what our future hardware portfolio should look like. Thanks to the team at KTH, the twICEme product will offer an improved user experience on future equipment.