Highlights of 2022: Twiceme on the rise

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The year of 2022 has seen us undertake important, exciting, fun, and challenging projects together with our partners and we are proud to report a positive growth of twICEme. From 20 to over 70 models in one year, a large number of new models on the market, new partners who want to be part of the journey to make people safer – and of course lots of fun activations with our dear rescue community. It’s fair to say twICEme has had an eventful year.

Reports show an increased demand for safety

Several reports have been published in the year, showing a clear trend in consumer behavior – the increase in safety awareness. ISPO performed a survey on consumer behavior regarding safety. The results show that:

  • ~30% of the respondents consider safety features to be the most important purchase criterion when looking for a new helmet.
  • The awareness and usage of smartphones and interactions with the physical world have also increased a lot these last few years.
  • Around 90% of respondents would like more information to be given to first responders when they arrive at the scene of an accident.

From 20 to 70+ models in a year

Twiceme integrated equipment

Going into 2022, we had ~20 products on the market. The number of products on the market or planned for 2023 has now reached 70+. Let’s talk about some of the products launched this year.

Oakley and twICEme went live with their partnership mid-year. Planned models are for the coming snow and bike collections. When we talk about the US, Diamondback also went live in the construction segment.

POC, the first brand to partner with us, revealed their new full-face MTB helmet Otocon and Avalanche backpack with twICEme. Another Swedish brand, Everest released a new mountain bike helmet.

Salomon released youth helmets with a clear safety story around protecting our most loved ones, while Julbo announced a new ski helmet and goggles with twICEme. Swedish innovator Flaxta also released the Deep Space Alpha MIPS with twICEme, while Dainese made a mark with two new models.

Some more partners that went live are O’Neal and Hedkayse, two innovative partners for us to grow with.

One step closer to a global rescue community

twICEme exists because of, and based on, rescuers’ expressed need and demand for a universal way to identify patients who are unable to speak for themselves. This also why it is of such importance to us to ensure that the rescue community is aware of twICEme and get their feedback on how to improve it. They see the need for our product in their work, and the value of people able to help each other through twICEme is clear to them. The insights they provide us about the problems they face every day is invaluable.

We both work closely with the biggest organizations in the rescue community on a high level, as well as local organizations and ambassadors, through partnerships and workshops. For example:

  • ICAR – 85 member organizations in 34 countries, reaching thousands of alpine rescuers with the twICEme message.
  • AMGA – 5700+ professional climbing and ski guides and over 226,000 guided experiences annually.
  • FIPS – an international organization representing ski patrol and ski safety organizations. FIPS coordinates the work of 16 national ski patrol organizations, including major ski countries such as the USA, Canada and Scandinavian countries, as well as Alpine countries such as France, Italy, and Switzerland. twICEme are proud main sponsors of FIPS’ upcoming Congress in Sweden 2024.
  • NORTIND – the Norwegian mountain guide association, known for their exceedingly high quality

Additionally, we established ambassadors in key destinations around the world. Such as Seattle, Bavaria, the United Kingdom, and our home turf Sweden.

A global network of informed rescue teams is the ultimate goal. Our way to achieve this is to partner with some of the largest organizations in the world, as well as important ambassadors, for close collaboration and insights.

In the spring, twICEme participated in the FIPS congress in Val Thoréns, where ski patrol teams and ski safety teams from all over the world attended. We also have a tradition of attending the ICAR annual conference in Montreux, Switzerland.

Mark Orzech Professional Ski Patroller

New glow to the app

As a result of the increase in interest from the market, the core twICEme team grew a lot in 2022. It’s also to set up twICEme’s ecosystem for future growth – an expansion of the concept of smart safety and equipment. We have significantly increased our innovation team so that smart features can be brought to life for people who lead an adventurous lifestyle. This will be done by building on the core concept and always having a privacy-first mindset.

Below is a sneak peek at some features in the pipeline for 2023.

Twiceme pipeline 2023

For the data junkies

If you, like us, love data, here’s some things to indugde you:

Big will get bigger – our rescue community is growing at 200+ orgs

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Number of informed rescue organizations knowledgeable about twICEme

Search intent on twICEme on the rise

These are direct keywords, e.g. “What is twICEme”, which are increasing fast since the beginning of Q4 2022. This signals an increasing interest in the market around twICEme, naturally driven by an increased focus on “awareness driving marketing” and new product releases and new brands.

Consumers are increasingly researching products online before a buying decision which highlights the importance of excelling in online communication and awareness.

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Web presence growing on twICEme-related keywords

The rapid expansion of twICEme’s web presence these last few months is correlated with close cooperation with our partners regarding product communication in digital sales channels. As the number of models with twICEme increases, we expect it to increase faster.

In January 2023, the number of impressions hovered right under 100k, an approximate doubling year on year. We expect this growth to continue in the coming years, which should result in a fast expansion of end-user awareness.

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