Twiceme teams up with O’NEAL to offer a safer mountain biking helmet

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Swedish safe-tech company Twiceme Technology is announcing, today, their new partnership with motocross and mountain bike protective apparel and accessories company, O’NEAL. twICEme will be integrated into O’NEAL’s latest mountain bike helmet that will be part of the 2023 collection. The partnership represents the efforts of both Twiceme and O’NEAL as they work to bring mountain bike safety into the digital era.

twICEme is a smart technology that digitally stores personal safety information in your equipment allowing for more efficient and safer accident responses. By downloading the twICEme app, users are able to create a profile with their complete medical summary including allergies, physical identifiers, previous injuries, emergency contacts, insurance information, and more. The “ICE” in twICEme represents the phase “in case of emergency” wherein a first responder can simply use a smartphone to access an injured or unresponsive user’s medical profile, greatly expediting rescue response times.

Being at the forefront of the future of action sports personal protection equipment is nothing new to O’NEAL. With over half a century of progressing with action sports, O’NEAL sees the future in smart safety. Smart technology brings the highest quality of safety products that brands such as O’NEAL produce into a new level of protection. Through this partnership, Twiceme and O’NEAL have committed their efforts to bring mountain bike protection from safe, to safest ever.

“With the ever-growing excellence of equipment, we see bigger jumps and more nutty tricks every day. But we also must witness the consequences of failed landings. We believe Twiceme’s groundbreaking invention in the field of smart safety equipment will take your protection during any ride to the next level. As of our upcoming 2023 collection, the safe-tech feature will be integrated into one of our helmets. Stay tuned for more details!”

– Jana Droste, O’NEAL Europe marketing project manager

“Our latest partnership with O’NEAL is a precursor of what the future holds as Twiceme continues to expand our presence in the action sports personal protection equipment sphere. It is our goal to not only make our partner’s equipment smarter but also to become a standard in the action sports community in the coming years. We are elated that O’NEAL shares this vision with us and look forward to where this innovation will lead.”

says Christian Connolly, CEO of Twiceme Technology, commenting on the partnership with O’NEAL.

About twICEme®
Twiceme Technology is a Swedish safe-tech company aiming to make equipment safe by making it smart. With people at heart, Twiceme will always innovate to make you safer. Established in 2016, twICEme® is a near-field communication technology based on an idea from ex-militaries. It has since been developed in close collaboration with professional rescue teams. By building a global symbol of safety, Twiceme aims to make people safer while enjoying their pastimes more.

About O’Neal®
O’NEAL (est. 1970) is a global leader in Motocross and MTB protective apparel and accessories. For more than half a century O’NEAL has been designing and developing helmets, jerseys, pants, protectors, gloves, boots, and much more.