Twiceme and Dainese unite to create the lightest full-face MTB helmet ever

Twiceme Technology aims to build a global standard of vital information. In order to achieve this mission, partnerships with the world’s leading brands are essential. Today, Dainese announced two new helmets in their MTB range with a twICEme® integration. This is great news as the joint products are pushing the boundaries of safety for mountain bikers.

  • Twiceme Technology has entered a partnership with Dainese aiming to increase safety for mountain bikers through digital technology
  • The integrated twICEme® concept in the helmet allows the first people on the scene of an accident can gain access to vital personal information
  • The partnership pushes the boundaries for safer products and aims to increase the safety of mountain bikers

Dainese’s return to making helmets leverages Twiceme HTH Technology

Stockholm, Sweden. The digital ingredient brand Twiceme Technology has joined forces with the Italian multisports brand Dainese to increase safety within the mountain bike segment. The Italian brand leaves no stone unturned in order to figure out how technology and innovation can be used to create the safest helmets out there while placing a large focus on usability. This mission compelled them to create the lightest full-face helmet ever made weighing in at a mere 570g even though it is filled to the brim with safety features.

“We are happy to partner with such a strong and well-renowned brand as Dainese. The focus on safety without compromising on usability is inspiring. This is a huge step forward towards building a global standard of vital info”, says Christian Connolly, the CEO of Twiceme Technology.

Soon in the market

Both the full-face helmet Linea 01 MIPS and the MTB helmet Linea 03 MIPS+ will be available in early 2022. With its slogan “Made to pedal”, all the products are equipped with the latest safety technologies without compromising the riding experience. The concept twICEme® enables first people on the scene of an accident, and later the professional rescuers, to scan a person’s helmet with a smartphone using NFC technology and thereby gain easy access to the person’s vital info. This creates better conditions for faster and more correct care in the event of an accident and is something that is widely demanded by mountain rescuers and other rescue professionals.

Equipment is becoming smart

Earlier this year, POC announced their state-of-the-art e-bike certified Kortal helmet that received great praise for its design and safety features like twICEme® and MIPS. Shortly after, they released a jacket with the same twICEme® integration that can make you feel safer on your adventures. Now the turn has come for Dainese to introduce helmets with this new tech developed by the Swedish company Twiceme Technology. This trend is expected to continue as more brands join up to create a global standard of vital information.

About Dainese

The Italian brand Dainese is a manufacturer of protective equipment and technical gear for dynamic sports including motorcycling, mountain biking, winter sports, and horse riding. The brand is world-renowned and has won multiple awards for its innovative protective equipment.

About Twiceme Technology

Twiceme Technology is a Swedish digital ingredient brand aiming to increase the safety of protective equipment through technology. By integrating the twICEme® concept into equipment, personal and vital information can be made available in case of emergency through the tap of a smartphone. The company is in a strong expansion phase.