twICEme stories. Jule

Jule is a German student living in the beautiful city of Munich. She always loved skiing since she was a little girl, so it wasn’t a big surprise that she moved to a town for studying that is close to the mountains. Two years ago, she decided to make a ski instructor license. Since then, she works as a ski instructor on her vacations and teaches people with all levels of skiing skills. 

As a ski instructor, she has a lot of responsibility. She learned how to behave in emergencies and accidents. However, as she has many different students, she can’t know all emergency contacts or individual medical treatments. That’s where twICEme steps into place and creates huge value for both her and her students. With twICEme Technology, important information is provided in emergencies when seconds matter. It is easily accessible and also usable when they do off-piste training since no mobile network or internet connection is needed to access the vital info. 

Jule also told us about a dramatic experience she had before twICEme existed. “I was on the slope enjoying perfect snow conditions together with a friend of mine. Then we saw a 15-year-old girl supporting, nearly carrying her friend. When we reached them, the girl was almost unconscious. The other girl panicked completely because she did not know what was wrong with her. We called the mountain rescue team and luckily they could help her quickly. As we learned later, the girl suffered from diabetes and had low blood sugar. If we had known that before, for example with the help of a tool like twICEme, we could have helped her way faster.”

Jule says, whenever she sees the twICEme symbol on one of her students’ helmets now, she as the instructor feels immediately a bit safer. She knows that she can count on additional support in emergencies by having access to all relevant information.