Twiceme press mentions for the new road bike helmet

Leading up to the bike season, there have been several mentions of our Twiceme x POC helmet Ventral Air SPIN NFC by several magazines. The Twiceme function that allows vital personal information to be accessed through the Twiceme smartphone app has been highly appreciated. Moving into the cycling industry, the Twiceme brand and technology will spread further and in turn lead to more products, brands, and product segments

We are entering the biking segment together with Swedish equipment producer POC Sports and we will do this with a boom. POC has decided to integrate the Twiceme device in all helmets in their sponsorship of the EF Pro Cycling team. This means that the EF riders can feel safer during training and competing along the cycling world tour.

Cyclingtips also writes about the EF pro cycling team. They continue to point out that the integrated Twiceme device adds functionality without adding weight or the need for a battery source. It’s all offline, inactive, and micro-size.

Triathelete chimes in, highlighting the simplicity of the technology calling the process “easy and seamless” while offering far more than what could be fit into a road ID. Our new feature showing the location is also highlighted as positive.

Velonews says it “adds peace of mind, and while it may or may not factor into medical response in the event of an emergency, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have this extra safety hedge”, as they conclude their highly positive review of the Twiceme POC co-product.

Renrad News also likes the concept of Twiceme. People who have pre-existing conditions know the importance of having their vital information easily accessible. “Whoever is affected knows that, for example, information about medications, allergies, and implants can be life-saving help in an emergency for the emergency services in case of doubt.”

The successful collaboration between POC and Twiceme is something that Bikerumor also picks up on. “The idea behind the NFC-enabled helmet is to provide quick access for first responders to a cyclist’s key medical information, especially useful if the wearer is unconscious or unresponsive after an accident. Getting the right assistance quickly can be the difference between life & death. And personally, like someone taking medication that first responders should be aware of, the idea of this information is available in the event that I cannot communicate is reason enough for this to be my first choice of a helmet whenever I ride alone.”

Finally Red Bull states in an article released at Eurobike that the technology starts with POC but that “this tech is unlikely to stay locked to POC products, or cycling, for long.”

In the coming years, more brands will follow suit and implement the technology both in new product categories and new industries. POC has also expanded their helmet line together with Twiceme. Read more about their helmets here.