The world’s first bike jacket with a twICEme integration

Increasing safety is at the top of the agenda for both Twiceme Technology and POC Sports. This combined vision and aim, to create safer adventures for people, has generated this latest product at the cutting edge of innovation and safety. This broadens the areas of application of twICEme® yet again and is another step towards creating safer adventures for people.

New collaboration between POC and Twiceme Technology

The Swedish equipment innovator POC Sports has recently launched a new product together with the Swedish ingredient brand Twiceme Technology. This time, POC is breaking ground in the bike segment by launching a twICEme® enhanced jacket for commuters and road cyclists. This benefits users as more products in the market with the technology consequently results in more touch points for both users and rescue professionals. More awareness increases the likelihood of a fast and efficient emergency response which is crucial to helping people in an accident.

POC BIKE JACKET TWICEME1The twICEme® concept integrated in the POC Signal All-Weather jacket.

Continued expansion with the aim of increasing safety

The twICEme® concept is already a part of several products within the POC range of products where it creates value by being able to speak for you when you can’t. The technology is available in bike helmets like the Tectal Race SPIN NFC and Ventral Air SPIN NFC, in skiing helmets like the Obex BC SPIN, the POCito Fornix and most recently the E-bike certified helmet Kortal Race MIPS. As twICEme® becomes an increasingly well known equipment feature to help out in the event of an accident, it gains increasing value for the more people who use it. This means that more product categories in more segments can help more people. This becomes a self-sustaining positive effect.

With experience from different industries

The concept from Twiceme Technology is also available in a range of different products and segments from brands like Flaxta and Everest in the sporting industry, and Guardio, Studson and Zero Height Safety in the construction industry. Learnings from all these different segments can then be applied to generating new valuable upgrades to the technology which then instantly updates all products that contain the updated safety feature. That means that Twiceme Technology can help brands to constantly innovate to create the safest adventures and workplaces possible.

The new collaboration with POC to enter yet another segment is therefore a major milestone on the road to creating safer adventures for people.