Safety technology apps could encourage an increase in bicycle commuters

Stockholm is currently working toward the goal that, by 2030, 20% of daily commuters will ride their bikes to work. In order for the capital of Sweden to accomplish this mission within the next decade, there are some issues regarding road and traffic safety that must be addressed.

A game changer in the bike lane

twICEme is aware of the safety issues for daily commuters on bikes and has released the pioneering bicycle helmet Ventral Air MIPS NFC together with the world-leading equipment producer POC Sports. The bike helmet is integrated with twICEme technology which consequently makes it possible to upload your vital information such as your health status, ICE contacts, and insurance using the free twICEme app. The information presented on twICEme has been developed based on extensive research and discussions with ambulance and rescue professionals worldwide. As a result, first responders are now able to access vital information about a person in case of an emergency. They can do this by tapping their smartphone on the twICEme symbol indicated on the helmet using NFC technology (the same technology as Apple or Samsung Pay).

The safety issues for cyclists

getting ready for a road bike ride

If Stockholm is to reach its goal and increase the number of cyclists by 2030, the city must first address the safety issues that concern and frustrate cyclists today. The biggest issue and reason why people still prefer public transportation and other motor vehicles for their commute is a lack of security on the city roads for bikers. Common disturbances are poorly structured – or even lacking – bicycle paths throughout the city, resulting in unsafe conditions for cyclists. Statistics from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) show that 90% of severe bicycle accidents occur in a city environment and that they could have been prevented with better road maintenance, separated bicycle paths, and safer bicycle crossings. VTI also reported that the most important action a cyclist can take to stay safe on their commute and prevent fatalities in case of an accident is to wear head protection equipment.

Impacts of cycling

If more commuters chose to commute to work by riding a bike instead of driving, it would have many positive effects on several aspects of both our own and others’ lives. On an individual level, cycling to work every day encourages us to lead to a healthier lifestyle as it becomes a part of our routine to exercise daily. According to WebMD, research shows that daily exercise heightens our levels of endorphins which in turn increases our energy and decreases stress levels. This helps us stay more active and efficient throughout our workday. If more people rely on an eco-friendly commute alternative such as cycling, it would positively impact the environment through decreased levels of pollution and improved air quality in the city. Traffic levels of both public transportation and other motor vehicles would also decrease and ultimately lead to less stress and traffic jams on the roads.

Ambulance personnel are being educated

Scanning the POC Ventral air Spin NFC

We want to do our part to encourage and help bikers worldwide to feel safer on their daily commute to and from work. We do this by informing ambulance and rescue organizations worldwide about the existence of twICEme and how to access the vital info on it. In Sweden for example, we have informed ambulance personnel in 15 out of 21 regions by sending out free information kits including a demo helmet with a twICEme integration. In Stockholm specifically, the ambulance personnel at AISAB have been educating their personnel about twICEme since October 2019. A community of first responders has begun to form and twICEme is headed towards its goal of becoming a global standard of vital info when seconds matter.

Together, we can help each other to increase the safety of daily commuters. If you are an ambulance personnel or rescue professional and want to spread the knowledge of twICEme in your organization, do not hesitate to get in contact with us here.