POC Releases new revolutionizing E-bike helmet

Few brands are as iconically recognized as brands with tremendous ethos, in terms of putting safety first, as the Swedish brand POC. One of the things that have flared up as a new product within the helmet industry is the E-bike helmet. And now, POC will push this segment into new territories.

You might wonder why you would need a helmet specifically for E-bikes. The answer is simple, if you’re traveling at speeds greater than 32 km/h, you’re exponentially more likely to not be sufficiently protected when wearing a regular bicycle helmet and falling. Additionally, that’s where the partnership between POC, MIPS, Recco, and twICEme gets us excited. Teaming up with the three Swedish ingredient brands within safety, the Kortal is nothing else than the ultimate helmet when it comes to integrated safety features.

Having those features integrated into the iconic POC helmets, we will see a new era within the segment of bike helmets.

The Kortal Race Mips is a specimen to behold. The design is specifically created for people wanting to look stylish while still being protected to the best of their abilities. With a safety classification of Dutch NTA8776 (the only current standard for e-bike helmets), it’s nearly as highly rated as a moped helmet, while still being light and easy to carry whenever and wherever you go.

What Separates POC Kortal Mips From Other E-bike Helmets

POC sure splurged when they put together the pieces that would make up the revolutionizing e-bike helmet. But here’s the thing, they didn’t just make it look awesome and something you’d want to wear when you’re sitting by the desk in your office, they thought about everything surrounding city travel and enduro mountain biking.

You see, cities are dangerous for commuters. And trails are dangerous for mountain bikers. Accidents happen. A lot.

Therefore, POC made sure to integrate the worldwide known brand MIPS and its technology. They also thought about what might happen if an accident happens. That’s when they decided to integrate twICEme Technology into the helmet that makes the biker’s vital info easily accessible through the tap of a smartphone. With it, bikers can be sure that if an accident happens, people at the crash site and rescue personnel that eventually will arrive at the scene of an accident, will be able to take the correct actions when seconds matter.

Here are some other features we love:

  • Patented breakaway peak enhances neck protection
  • The Swedish ingredient brands MIPS, Recco & twICEme
  • Extended protection to the back of the head

Let’s talk about why you should care about E-bike helmets and why you might need one for yourself.

Here’s Why An E-bike Require an E-bike certified Helmet

First off, wear a helmet. In the European study mentioned under the previous headline, they found that wearing a bike helmet leads to 1.72 times fewer head injuries. In the context of an E-bike, this problem does not exactly decrease with speed. It’s astonishing that people don’t use a helmet these days.

Secondly, put some effort into choosing which safety features should be included. The previously mentioned study goes on to talk about whether or not helmets help with internal head injuries, and say that more investigation needs to be done. However, this was before MIPS got wider traction. With MIPS integrated technology, companies like POC can help ensure internal head injuries are minimized as well.

We’ve written about how MIPS technology helps minimize rotational forces on the head here, which minimizes the risk of Traumatic Brain Injuries. In doing so, wearing a helmet nowadays decreases the risk of suffering permanent trauma to the head and brain.

Wearing head protection leads to 1.72 times fewer head injuries.

Lastly, if you have an electronic bicycle, choose an E-bike certified helmet. Regardless of if you are a commuter or a mountain biker, this should be a top priority. The headquarter for twICEme Technology is located in Stockholm, Sweden, so we know a thing or two about the city’s plans to decrease the number of cars and increase the ease-of-transportation for more environmentally-friendly vehicles. E-bikes being one of them.

One of Stockholm city’s main goals is to increase the number of bikes in traffic by 2030 while decreasing the number of cars. As presented in this report, however, and something which we’ve written about before, over 90% of severe bicycle accidents occur in a city environment. And not only that, almost all could’ve been eliminated, or at least reduced to a great extent, with greater road maintenance, separate bike lanes, and safer road crossings.

That being said the trails around the world are not spared from accidents. For mountain biking, it has been reported that the number of accidents has risen in the last couple of years.

In conclusion, the above study finds one point to be the most important thing for bicycle riders to increase their safety. What was it? You guessed it – wearing head protection. That is, in this case, an E-bike helmet.

Is Everything Fine If We All Just Wear A Helmet?

The answer, unfortunately, is (probably) no.

There is so much more that needs to be done in terms of safety on the roads and plan things in minuscule detail.

And, the truth is, as long as people are injured badly in traffic or in the trail, we need some way for bystanders and rescue personnel to know exactly what to do when they arrive at a crash site. That’s what twICEme is focused on, and the reason we exist.

We are creating a global standard of vital information for storing your most important details, in case of an emergency. Think:

  • Medical information
  • ICE contacts
  • Insurance info
  • and more

You can store any information you want, that could be of importance for rescue personnel if you’re ever in a crash. Which, as shown above, is not that uncommon, unfortunately.

Using our advanced integrated NFC-technology, you can store all your most important information right into the helmet. All information is stored locally, hence no cloud service involved, and the user only thereby always controls the information provided. Furthermore, no need for internet access or batteries to read the information.

Get Your Own E-Bike Helmet

Now, since we’ve talked about the partnership between POC, MIPS, Recco, and twICEme throughout this article, it wouldn’t make sense to not show it to you.
Here’s the link if you want to get your hands on one yourself.

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