POC releases brand new full-face helmet Otocon packed with safe-tech

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Few brands are as recognized, in terms of putting safety first without ever compromising on the look and feel, as the Swedish brand POC. In time for the 2022 bike season, POC is releasing a brand new, award-winning full-face helmet – the Otocon. And it’s packed with safe-tech features – all to make it live up to POC’s high safety standards.

Just in time for the 2022 bike season, POC launches the Otocon range, two full-face helmets – The Otocon and the Otocon Race Mips. Designed for the needs of enduro riders, Otocon sets a new standard for what can be integrated and achieved in a full-face mountain bike helmet. A plethora of new technologies distinguish the Otocon from many other full-face helmets, to make it lighter, safer, and increase its ventilation.  The helmet has been developed in close cooperation with the riders of the Ibis Enduro Racing Team, which will be using the Otocon throughout the Enduro World Series season.

Packed with safety

POC’s Otocon is packed with a range of advanced safety features. The Otocon Race Mips, in particular, is in that sense a brilliant example of POC’s “Whole Helmet Concept™”, offering a variety of high-tech safety features, such as Recco and twICEme. Together with the Mips Integra, the product concept of Otocon represents an idea of how helmets will be designed in the future. In this way, the Otocon helmet gives us a glimpse of the future.

We wanted to develop the lightest possible full-face helmet that would meet the needs of modern-day Enduro riders, with the very best in performance, protection, ventilation, and all-day comfort. The Otocon defies conventional thinking, it will protect you wherever you want to go, and you will forget you’re wearing it.”

POC’s Chief Product Officer, Oscar Huss said, commenting on the Otocon

Award-winning design

The Otocon Race Mips has been awarded a Design and Innovation Award for 2022. And all the benefits of exceptional protection and award-winning design come in a lightweight package. The Otocon features a PC outer shell construction which, according to POC, delivers a balance of lightweight performance with durability. POC says their ambition for the Otocon is to create a helmet with optimal balance between light weight and high ventilation. The interior ventilation channels, which are inspired by POC’s road helmets, allow for a limitless and cooling airflow.
A break-away peak, that already is featured on many of POC’s mountain bike helmets, is included to reduce the chance of neck injuries, and an all-new strap and size adjustment system provide a refined fit and retention so that riders can ride with or without pads.
Another feature that has been directly inspired by the Ibis Enduro racing team riders is the separate clip-on peak extension. This is supposed to provide even more protection from mud and rain, allowing the rider to see better in bad conditions. Furthermore, the grill in the chin piece has been designed to be removable on the go.

Dual-material liner

An innovative approach to the helmet development process has resulted in a helmet that features the strength and durability of an EPP multi-impact chin bar, which also improves durability, and an EPS liner in the upper section which creates a lighter helmet and provides for a precise balance.

Aramid Bridges and an Injection-molded liner

The transition between EPP and EPS in the helmet is structurally enhanced with an injection-molded cage for extra strength and stability. Aramid bridges are molded to the helmet liner to improve structural stability and penetration protection.

Safety features


POC has a history of integrating twICEme into its premium range of equipment, starting with the award-winning ski helmet Obex BC, followed by a series of helmets in both the bike and snow segment. twICEme® allows you to upload safety info such as medical details and ICE contacts to your helmet. Allowing easy access by other riders and first responders can help you prepare for an accident. The easiest way to get started with twICEme is to just download the twICEme app and follow the instructions from there. The profile can be easily uploaded, modified, and deleted how and whenever you want.

Clearly visible on top of the helmet is the iconic twICEme functional symbol, making it easy to detect for first responders.

Mips Integra

The Mips Integra is a new system, first released in POC’s helmet Kortal Race Mips 2021. Developed in partnership between POC and Mips, it brings together all the benefits of rotational impact protection in an almost invisible way.


RECCO® Reflector makes you searchable. In case of an accident, RECCO makes it easier for rescue services to locate you.

Otocon vs Otocon Race Mips

The Otocon features many of the innovations which will come as standard in the Otocon Race Mips, including the Race Lock, the break-away peak, dual-density liner, Recco, etc. The Otocon, which is missing some of the advanced safety ingredients such as twICEme and Mips Integra, has a weight of 680g (size medium).
A size medium of the Otocon Race Mips weighs around 750g, making it comfortable and suitable for all-day use. That weight comes with the Mips Integra, twICEme®, Aramid, and the extra bad weather peak – still making it amongst the lightest full-face helmets around.

For a more indepth look at the diffrances, check out our full comparison of the Otocon and Otocon Race MIPS.


The Otocon and the Otocon Race Mips are available online and in selected retail stores.

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