On track to becoming a globally recognized brand among rescue professionals

Our mission is to develop the twICEme concept into a global standard and our vision is to create safer adventures and working environments for people exposed to a greater risk of accidents. An essential part of this is building trust and recognition of the twICEme symbol among rescue professionals and end-users. With increased support from the global rescue community, twICEme Technology is on the right track to become a worldwide leader of accessible vital info.

A future tool for rescue professionals

Each year, the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR) arranges a conference where they gather all 122 member rescue organizations from 41 countries. Aiming to disseminate knowledge with the primary goal of improving mountain rescue service and their safety, the 2020 edition was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On the fourth day, the ICAR MEDCOM president Dr. John Ellerton highlighted twICEme and informed the mountain rescuers about the user-friendly tool.

“twICEme is a part of the future”

— Dr. John Ellerton, President for ICAR MEDCOM

Ending the presentation by describing twICEme as a tool that could be of great help in their rescue operations really confirmed the value of easily accessible vital info in case of accidents.

Proven concept in Sweden

In Sweden, the home base of twICEme Technology, support is increasing as well. Almost all ski resorts, mountain rescuers, and ambulance regions have in 2020 been informed about twICEme with great support and feedback. Heading into another ski season, the ski patrols and mountain rescuers in Sweden had a gathering in late October. The purpose of the event was to update all the rescuers involved in daily operations about the next upcoming season. At the event in Bydalen, twICEme was presented by officials as a part of their strategy for a safer ski season in 2020/2021. This can serve as a case study for how rescue organizations can adopt innovative technology fast.

As of 2022 Twiceme Technology and ICAR have have committed to another year of partnership. Read more about ICAR and twICEme!

Meet the rescue hub at twICEme

Allison Leonhardt, PR & Communications for Rescue
Allison Leonhardt, PR & Communications for Rescue
Hanna Lagemann, Business Developer
Hanna Lagemann, Business Developer

Aiming to develop a user-friendly rescue tool based on the expertise of rescue professionals, twICEme approaches ambulance and rescue organizations worldwide in daily operations. The goal is to inform rescue professionals about twICEme and how to use it, and also to receive feedback on how to improve it for rescuers and end customers. Today, the twICEme rescue hub consists of Allison Leonhardt and Hanna Lagemann and who are working hard to further develop the information kits we send out to rescue organizations. 2020 has demonstrated just how important health and safety are and in response, twICEme will now significantly ramp up outreach and information to the organizations that can benefit from the technology. Another accelerating factor is the fact that additional great brands like Studson and Fall Safe have chosen to integrate twICEme during 2020 in their upcoming protective equipment. From a rescuer’s point of view, this creates a sense of urgency in adopting the technology.

Want to inform your rescue organization about twICEme?

twICEme sends out free information kits, both digital and printed versions, to rescue organizations that aims to spread awareness among their personnel. If you want to receive those kits, please contact us here.