How Twiceme plans to revolutionize the PPE market

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With people at heart, we continuously strive for safer adventures and workplaces. Settling for safe is not an option, it has to be the safest possible. It has to be done better. Be safer. So, now it’s time to set the future direction of our journey to make smart safety a reality.

The idea of smart safety equipment began as a response to rescuers demand for accessible safety information. For three years, we have listened, explored and responded to the market’s demand for additional safety features to create a holistic offering. The result is that today, we know that the future of protective equipment is smart.

Not too long ago, the sight of someone wearing a helmet on the slopes or on a bike was considered quite unusual. Today, wearing safety equipment is the norm. It’s rare that people taking a sport seriously don’t wear protective equipment. So most people are more protected on impact. But there’s more that can be done both before and after impact to protect us.

Sports equipment and apparel manufacturers integrate twICEme in their products to add another layer of safety to it. They all testify that weaving a smart element into equipment brings performance to a new height beyond expected safety and function – that with twICEme® technology, equipment can do more than just protect heads.

It becomes smart. And when the product is smart, there are endless opportunities as to what can be done to further increase the safety of individuals.

Now that the core need of safety information is being solved, it’s time to further broaden the concept of smart safety. To build on top of what works, and brings value, with services that answers more problems within safety. And, most important, it should solve needs for all stakeholders in the market – rescuers, end-users, and brands.

Out riding alone without a friend and experience a crash? Not sure whether your equipment should be changed? Out riding with friends and suddenly lose them, with no idea of where they are?

These are problems that can be solved through smart equipment to prevent accidents.

“Our team is on a constant pursuit of innovation, fostered by a mission to merge the worlds of technology and sport in a way that benefits all types of people, from passionate athletes to those simply looking to stay active or find leisure,” says Ryan Saylor, SVP Product Development at Oakley.
“Implementing twICEme into our helmets achieves that goal while providing additional safety measures for riders. This partnership will prove fruitful not only for the immediate protection of riders, but also in providing a glimpse into the future of sport as we know it.”

We have acknowledged our customers’ demand for an easy-to-use tech feature that increases the safety of products. At the same time, we have taken in and acted in response to the rescue community’s request for a global standard for accessible safety info, which we are now in the process of building.

Lastly, we have listened to the end-users who inquire for more safety in their equipment – without compromising the user experience. That’s why you don’t have to charge twICEme, no sign-up in the app is needed and you can access the safety info both with or without the app.

To get to the point – we have basically proven the concept in the market and today, twICEme provides a groundbreaking, easy-to-integrate technology that brings equipment to life by making it smart.

The time for smart safety is already here. During the year of 2022, we have gradually accelerated our pace of innovation and we can’t wait to reveal all the exciting and important updates we have been putting our heart and soul into.

twICEme is on a journey to make smart safety a reality – and we want to drive the movement and innovation that leads to that change. twICEme works with the innovators, the frontrunners, the pioneers that wants to make equipment smart in order to make people safer. Those who believe that collaboration between partners who are specialists in what they do ultimately creates world-class customer experiences, a strong brand and a good deal – for everyone.

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