Being safer is simpler than ever

Have you noticed a wifi-like symbol next to payment points, subway passes, or when unlocking cars or houses? Have you seen the three-letter acronym NFC lately? Most would answer yes to these questions, but even if you are unsure, chances are you have used the technology without even realizing it. This is because the technology is extremely simple and smooth to use. Now you can use the same technology to be and feel safer on your adventures or in your workplace.

Apple’s new release levels the playing field

In september in 2020 Apple presented the release of iOS14. Besides the usual updates to performance and design, there was one change that was widely talked about as a game changer. With the new release, Apple has made it super simple to pay, order, unlock or get important information about certain things. You can now just tap your phone to perform certain actions. 

Large brands are joining

On the back of such a blockbuster release, huge companies like Tesla and BMW were not slow to implement these developments. Both car brands have previously announced that you can open their new cars with your phone with just a tap of a smartphone. Since then, metro systems around the world, payment destinations and recently micro mobility have started to evolve to use the same seamless and simple form of “tapping” to get information. 

What does this mean? 

It means that you can now use your phone for pretty much any type of transaction or interaction. The great thing about this technology is that it is very safe and extremely easy. In the beginning, the technology was introduced to avoid “hacking” attempts from a distance. This is being used in the payment industry for example. This makes it an easily adaptable technology that can be quickly implemented into a range of different user cases all around the world without concern for data legislation. 

Let’s talk about safety

The recent developments of smartphone technology opens up for safe and simple safety applications. If we start to think about situations where it is absolutely essential to be able to access certain information instantly the general area of pre-hospital care comes to mind. That means the time from an accident until you are in the hospital. If basic information can be accessed during these times, it will be of great benefit to the rescue professionals that are doing their absolute best to help you. This is what twICEme technology is currently making possible. The change will start with the adventurers within the skiing, biking and professional workers within heavy industry. The twICEme technology makes it possible to just tap a smartphone on any type of equipment and the vital information that is needed in an emergency will appear. Simple and safe! 

Simple way to increase safety

Technology is changing what we can do with our smartphones. Everyday, more applications appear that will make life easier. With new developments many things will be just a tap away. At twICEme, we have used this technology to make sure that being safe is simple. With the latest update to our app, accessing vital information in times of emergency has never been more efficient.