5 reasons why you should be helping more

Twiceme Turning bystanders into helpers

Photo: © Sophie Odelberg for Twiceme

In a world where people often focus on themselves, it’s important to remember that we naturally want to help each other. At Twiceme, our goal is simple: we want to turn people who witness accidents into helpers.

Twiceme is a company dedicated to making a difference. Whether you’ve ever felt unsure about helping during an accident or not, our mission is about bringing out the helper in all of us.

5 reasons why you should be helping more.

1. The Impact of Kindness

Doing kind things isn’t just nice; it’s also good for you. It reduces stress, makes you happier, and even helps your body stay healthy. Plus, it brings people closer together and inspires others to be kind too.

2. From Stress Relief to a Happy Brain

Helping out isn’t just about feeling good; it also helps you stay healthy, especially when it comes to stress. When you do good things for others, your brain actually rewards you with a good feeling.

3. Compassion: It’s in Our Nature

We’re naturally wired to want to help others. Science tells us it’s not just a choice; it’s something that’s built into who we are.

4. Feeling Good by Doing Good

Helping others leads to less sadness, more emotional balance, less physical discomfort, and better overall health. It’s like a recipe for a longer, happier life.

5. Improving Teams and Workplaces

When people at work help each other, things go better for everyone. Teamwork isn’t just important; it’s essential.

Twiceme’s tech empowers bystanders to help more.

Sometimes, people hesitate to help during accidents, a social-psychological phenomenon called ‘bystander apathy’. Twiceme tackles this issue with our Help the Helpers (HTH) technology. Our easy-to-use app helps you become a helpful person in emergencies and gives you important safety information. We mix technology with compassion to make a difference.

In Conclusion

Helping out isn’t just a saying; it’s a big part of making the world a better place. It’s good for you and good for others. So, let’s embrace the power of helping and let kindness guide us to a happier, healthier life—for ourselves and those around us.