How Apple’s release of iOS14 will revolutionize the global usage of NFC technology

Aiming to build a global standard of vital info, twICEme Technology made a few bets on what the future will be like. One of the bets was to base the concept on a technology that was well-positioned for the future and had the potential to change the way users interact with digital products. Apple’s recent update of the iPhone operative system confirmed the bet. With iOS14, the NFC functionality App Clips will be rolled out.

It is confirmed by Apple – NFC is the future of technology

From the beginning, we developed our concept on the premise that people are skeptical of uploading their personal vital information into the cloud and that the skepticism is likely to increase even more over time. Therefore, NFC was key to our concept as it enables vital info to be stored and accessed locally on integrated twICEme hardware. So far, however, the general public’s usage of NFC in smartphones has been primarily limited to payments, rather than a broader range of applications. This will all change with the new iOS update. The update by Apple will be a game-changer in how users will interact with NFC. Soon, we will use technology to open up cars and houses, ordering food at restaurants, or when looking for vital info through twICEme on equipment.

Seamless experience using twICEme on both Android and iOS14

With the increased knowledge of how to use NFC technology i.e. tapping your smartphone on objects to access info or perform certain tasks, the action of assessing vital info through twICEme will become second nature for people encountering the trademarked symbol. Moreover, the user experience will be seamless thanks to the new updates whether you have the free twICEme app installed or not. For Android, the app will pop up nicely while tapping the twICEme symbol if you have the app installed. If not, vital info will appear in a text string format using the background scan functionality. With an iPhone, the new App Clip functionality will intuitively help you to access information with or without the app installed.

Stay tuned for the upcoming app update by twICEme Technology

Since the release of iOS14, our developing team has been working hard to finalize the new app functionality. The goal is to release a new version that will create seamless user interaction with twICEme, both with or without the app installed. The updated version will be released in a few weeks, so stay tuned for a groundbreaking new twICEme experience.

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