Simple, smart, and secure – let’s unite around vital info

We have always believed that the accessibility of vital information can create a large value in emergency situations. Now, our beliefs have been confirmed by professionals with multiple years of experience in the field. There is clearly a need for a globally standardized tool, and the question is – are you ready to become part of the journey?

No doubt that vital info ultimately can create value

From our experiences on our missions as military professionals, we know that a tool giving rapid access to vital info can effectively reduce the lead times during a rescue operation. After speaking to ambulance and rescue personnel worldwide, it is evident that our experiences are shared among other professionals. This mutual conclusion was the starting point for twICEme Technology and the birth of our vision towards safer adventures and working environments for people exposed to greater risk.

On a mission to become a global standard

If all equipment producers would gather around one global standard of vital info, the knowledge sharing among ambulance and rescue professionals would reach its full potential. Yngve Hjorth, an organizational developer of emergency services and experienced ambulance nurse, further explains:

– When it comes to identification and availability of vital and medical info, it is important that there is a standard for this type of application that everyone uses and recognizes.

Marie Nordgren, a well-known person in the ski patrol and mountain rescue community, shares the same perception as Yngve. Besides her daily profession as a nurse, she has been educating ski patrols since 1984 and worked as a ski patroller for 15 years. She further explains her perspective of easily accessible vital info:

skipatrol mountain rescuer Marie Nordgren

– Everyone that has worked as a mountain rescuer, and experienced stressful and traumatic emergencies, knows for a fact that easily accessible vital info of the patient can have a major positive impact.

Simplicity is the key to success

In order to build this global standard of vital info, some essential parameters need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, the solution must be easy to integrate for existing equipment producers. With a hardware size of a coin, twICEme Technology can easily be added into any type of equipment.

Secondly, the solution must be based on a future emerging technology with a potential to change the way we interact with products. The Near Field Communication (NFC) is such a technology that enables smartphones to upload and read the info without a mobile network or internet connection, and most importantly, store the personal info locally (without any cloud service) on the integrated device.

Lastly, the way people interact with twICEme must be intuitive and safe. Therefore, the user experience is a very important component. With the user in full control of how much vital info to store on the integrated device, the person can also feel safe knowing that the uploaded info is locally stored (no cloud service involved) in their equipment.

When these parameters are met, there is a great chance of building a global community that unites brands, rescuers, and end users around one technology.

Want to learn more about twICEme Technology?

Aiming to spread the knowledge about our globally trademarked symbol that signifies accessible vital info, we send out free information to ambulance and rescue organizations worldwide. For more info, please click here.