The story of twICEme

They saw the need for a standardized solution for quick access to vital info in the military and discovered an endless potential in the protective equipment segment. Our founders share their stories about the idea behind twICEme and how its safety technology will become the new global standard.

Military and security background  

We have worked in the military and security sector for many years, both nationally (in Sweden) and internationally. In addition to our work, we have also had a passion for product development and problem-solving.

Working in the military and with security for most of our lives, we realized we had come across many situations where a product like twICEme could have come into great hands. We have experienced serious and life-threatening events where access to vital information about people in emergencies was critical to first responders. From these experiences, we came up with the idea to create a global standard solution for people to access medical and personal information about people in need. A solution that is accessible for all – including medics, rescue professionals, friends, and family.  

In our work life, the lack of a standardized tool for quick access to vital info about people in need became evident. In the military, we used to carry “dog tags” around our necks with our blood group information. When they eventually stopped making these, they instead wrote our blood types with pens on our chests. In people’s day-to-day life, people rarely carry this type of medical information about themselves when they are out and about. If they do, maybe they carry a note in their pocket or wallet, but there is no standard solution for this and the chances that first responders would find the information is very slim.

Unlike the “dog-tag”, it was important to us that twICEme was a digital solution. People’s medical info and ICE-contacts are constantly changing and must therefore easily be updated through the app. Additionally, we created twICEme to function without any internet connection or mobile network as it is integrated into your equipment. Features like these create a sense of security for the user knowing it will work wherever they are.

“A Second Me”

The concept of the name “twICEme” comes from the idea that twICEme creates a “second me” – a twice me –  that communicates for you in times when you can’t. twICEme stores a copy of you and information you have selected yourself which can help you in case of an emergency. The capital “ICE” represents the phrase “in case of emergency”.

A global standard  

We want twICEme to become a global standard for protective gear. We want twICEme to become a standard feature when constructing head protection equipment. If you think of helmets – you’ll think of twICEme. We want people who see the twICEme symbol on their gear to instantly feel safer. In the future, we would also like to see twICEme being integrated into all sorts of protective gear such as life-vests, belts, clothing, and more. We see massive potential in how twICEme can provide help and purpose in many different situations – from everyday life to natural disasters.

For example, twICEme could be very helpful if a child, a person suffering from dementia, or an elderly is lost and doesn’t know their way home. In catastrophic events such as a tsunami, earthquake, or floods where people are easily lost, in shock, and hurt. Additionally, if you are traveling in a foreign country and suddenly in need of your insurance information. In all of these scenarios, twICEme can be a lifesaver.

twICEme is a great tool in workplaces and environments where security and protection is key. The construction industry is heavily affected by issues regarding safety and numerous work-related accidents occur every year. If twICEme was integrated into their helmets, it could create a sense of security for the workers. In other words, the possibilities with twICEme are endless.