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From the very beginning, our focus has been on comprehending the real-life situations faced by individuals who are injured. This led us to collaborate with rescue professionals globally, resulting in the development of a tool that empowers bystanders to become helpers.

Our emergency functionalities.

Helping the Helpers (HTH) technology aims to make sports and work environments safer by turning bystanders into helpers. We do this by making critical information available to people around you should you become incapacitated in an accident.

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Rescue alert.

As an end-user, I would like to alert the relevant rescuers so that they can arrive to the scene of an accident faster.

Efficient rescue missions start with timely alerts and accurate location sharing.

Herman Fogelberg

Ski & Bike Patroller

Hemavan, Sweden

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Friends alert.

As an end-user, I would like to follow my friends and notify them for certain events so that they can take appropriate actions.

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Follow friends

Get back timer. [Coming soon]

As an end-user, I would like the ability to set an automatic and alerting timer for when I plan to return to a specific location. So that my loved ones can be promptly notified if I’m unable to return as expected.

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Our extensive research, conducted in collaboration with rescue professionals and world-class product managers, has provided us with valuable insights into achieving optimal beacon functionality. Based on our findings, we have discovered that the best beacon experience goes beyond a single feature—it relies on a carefully crafted combination of multiple features that effectively address real-life scenarios.

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rescue alert
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friends alert
automatic alert

Safety info.

We have developed the most requested feature by rescue professionals, ensuring that it does not compromise the user experience and prioritizes privacy concerns.

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access safety info
Twiceme hardware

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