Transforming On-site Safety

Twiceme Technology helps construction contractors improve safety and productivity with our Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology. Easily access safety information, perform emergency actions, equipment health checks and inspections.
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Introducing HTH Technology.

Twiceme’s Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology is designed to keep construction workers and contractors safe. Our NFC-based hardware is integrated into equipment and accompanied by an app that allows users to share their locations with friends and ICE contacts via a map view, alert local and national rescue services, access safety information, and more. Plus, our partners have access to data-driven analytics to track the usage of their equipment.


Digital Medical ID.

Twiceme Technology’s Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology offers a reliable digital medical ID to keep construction workers safe. Our app includes Friends Alert feature for quickly sharing location data with friends and ICE contacts, and Rescue Alert for quickly alerting local and national rescue teams in an emergency. Additionally, users can stay informed with Equipment Health, an inspection system for safety officers, and detailed safety information for added security.

Inspection System.

Twiceme Technology’s Inspection System feature provides safety officers with an easy and effective way to check the health of worker’s equipment. It offers benefits such as inspection analytics, equipment health checks, and sendable equipment reports.


Protecting lives – Twiceme HTH Technology.

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Emergency Actions.

Twiceme Technology’s Help the Helpers (HTH) Technology provides users with free emergency actions, such as sharing location with friends and ICE contacts in a map view (Friends alert) and alerting local and national rescue patrols (Rescue alert). Users can also access safety information uploaded to the equipment.

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Non-Emergency Actions.

Twiceme Technology also offers non-emergency features, such as checking the health of their equipment (Equipment health) and an inspection system for safety officers at construction sites.


Partner Features.

Twiceme Technology also provides partner features, such as analytics into the usage of their equipment completely anonymized. Additionally, we offer an integrated medical ID feature that allows users to store vital medical information, such as allergies and medical conditions, to be accessed by bystanders and medical practitioners in the event of an emergency.

Improve workplace safety with Twiceme Technology.

Our HTH Technology integrates NFC-based hardware into equipment for enhanced safety and functionality. Get access to emergency and non-emergency actions for free, such as Friends alert, Rescue Alert, and Equipment health.

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