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As a digital ingredient brand, we have the privilege of engaging with our end-consumers on a daily basis, and this comes with certain inherent responsibilities. Our role involves not only providing products but also educating users on equipment care, fostering a community of helpers, and gathering valuable anonymous user insights to aid in the product development efforts of our partner brands.

Our non-emergency functionalities.

Helping the Helpers (HTH) technology aims to make sports and work environments safer by turning bystanders into helpers. We do this by making critical information available to people around you should you become incapacitated in an accident.

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Equipment health.

As an end-user, I would like to be yearly notified and guided in how to check my equipment so that I can ensure its functioning and longevity.

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HTH community through Rescue alert.

Every day we are expanding our community of helpers through more users to our Help the Helpers platform but also by adding local rescue areas with e.g. ski patrollers and bike patrollers.

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Insights Dashboard. [Coming soon]

By collecting anonymized data on user interactions within the Twiceme app, we unlock the potential to derive valuable insights that can greatly benefit our partner brands. Through in-depth data analysis, we are able to extract meaningful patterns and trends, providing our partners with actionable information that can inform and guide their product development initiatives.

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