Salomon to release a smart ski helmet with Twiceme

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Today, Salomon announced a partnership with Twiceme Technology to integrate Twiceme into their helmets. The goal is to strengthen their position as a leading brand within innovation, with an expected product release in late 2022.

Technology can help increase user’s safety and product value

It’s yet another verification that the industry is moving towards more innovative equipment to increase safety on the slopes. 

In this article, you’ll learn

  • What is Twiceme? 
  • Why rescue professionals have asked for easily accessible safety information for years
  • How Twiceme can help brands increase safety and product value

The well-renowned brand Salomon is among the first to create smart ski helmets with Twiceme, a technology that makes it possible to store important safety information in your equipment. People can retrieve this information by scanning the equipment with a smartphone. 

Safety information can be of great help in the case of an accident, and requests from well-established rescuers support it. Examples of available details Twiceme can provide are; ICE contacts, geolocation, medical profile, and medical history. 

Rescue professionals have requested easily accessible safety information for decades

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve informed over 200 rescue organizations worldwide and here’s what industry experts have to say.

At Twiceme, we believe in delivering the most seamless user experience and developing our products in close contact with rescue teams on the ground. Our foundation rests on bringing real-life value to the people working untiringly within rescue operations every day.

As seen above, there is a clear need from ski patrollers and rescuers that personal safety information is kept readily available and accessible. They’ve requested ways to standardize this type of information for years. Twiceme sprung out of this apparent need and has since grown to incorporate more features requested from rescue professionals, end-users, and brands.

If you’re interested in getting Twiceme equipment as a user, you can do it here.

Helping Salomon and other innovative brands to increase safety and product value

Twiceme is already collaborating with some of the world’s most innovative brands like POC, Julbo, Dainese, etc. As awareness of the technology increases both within the rescue and skiing community, we now focus more than ever to innovate for safer adventures. More partnerships will be released in 2022, leading to even more breakthroughs within the industry.

The benefit Twiceme brings to brands is clear; increased product value and sales, but it’s even more apparent for end-users and rescue professionals; safer adventurous, and knowing that if something were to happen, Twiceme could be your “second me.”

Twiceme allows us to make our helmet safety more holistic

“Since 2001, we have been creating our helmets at Salomon to improve the safety of those doing the sports we love. While traditionally, helmets have only been able to protect people from head injuries, twICEme makes our helmet safety more holistic. 

By storing emergency contacts, insurance, and medical information on twICEme – we now protect our wearers from not only impacts but also some of the consequences afterward”.

– Chris Bellamy, Marketing & Concept Manager at Salomon

Looking at all other industries, we are becoming more digital, smarter, and safer. Twiceme believes that the best way to increase safety within protective equipment is to make it smart. In that way, one can update the equipment frequently to improve the user’s protection and make it easier to stay safe even before an accident.

Book a demo with a Twiceme representative

If you’re interested in learning more about what Twiceme can do for your equipment, feel free to contact us. Whether you’re interested in a demo of the product or learn more about us, we’re here to answer any questions.

Salomons helmets were released in October 2022. Read more about their launch