Anders Hofman from Project Iceman as a twICEme Ambassador

We are happy to welcome Anders Hofman, known from Project Iceman, as an ambassador for twICEme. Together, we can show that it is possible to realize your biggest dreams and adventures while doing it safely. This is another step closer to building a community where safety is paramount and always a high priority. The community now consists of rescue organizations, innovative brands, and adventurers who have to take safety into account on a daily basis. 

twICEme and Anders share the vision of living your life to the fullest while not subscribing to the idea of personal limitations. This is the mindset that led to the vision of him completing an Iron man... in Antarctica. A large part of why this is possible, other than insane drive and determination, is a mindset of full range safety. 

Full range safety is something we care deeply about at twICEme. This is why our visions go so well together. Full range safety means that we want people to realize their adventures, but in a way that minimizes risk for injuries. There will always be risks involved in great achievements, but with preparation and through consulting experienced professionals, this risk can be minimized.

The other part of it is taking responsibility when accidents have happened. twICEme provides a simple way of accessing potentially vital medical information through medical ID tags which can reduce lead time in rescue operations. 

Together, we can spread a message and increase awareness of safety even in the most extreme conditions. Be on the lookout for updates on more projects with Anders in the future! 

We are happy to welcome Anders and wish him good luck on his mission!

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