Open Letter to the ICAR Community

The ICAR Community

We read the report on accident prevention from 2007. We were intrigued by the discussion around the necessity of digital tools and innovation versus using intuition in prevention of accidents. Technology does not possess neither the intuition nor the respect for nature which comes from extensive mountain experience. Therefore, it should by no means replace the knowledge of the mountain rescue community. However, technology can be used as an aid and can be of high importance in emergency situations. The calling for collaboration between rescue organisations and innovative brands within the industry, i.e. third way projects, is therefore of high interest. 

twICEme Identification

We are a company called twICEme and exist to enable first responders to access critical medical information, streamline first response operations and reduce lead time during emergencies.  

This season, helmets equipped with the twICEme tags will start to appear worldwide. The helmets will be marked with the twICEme logos which indicate the integration of an NFC chip (Near Field Communication). These chips store vital and personal medical information which can be displayed by a simple tap with a smartphone, everywhere at any time. By downloading our free app called “twICEme” in App Store or Google Play, the information will be displayed intuitively.

Our mission

Our objective is to use twICEme to grant rapid access to information which can lead to faster response times in rescue operations. We want to bridge the gap between equipment producers, the rescue community and sport practitioners. In doing this, we can share the vast experience and knowledge for the members of ICAR and keep an open dialog in a community within safety. Ultimately, this contributes to our mission which is to save lives.

We want to stress that there is no commercial interest in this for us and twICEme is, and always will be, free of charge for rescue organisations. We simply want to offer a solution to a problem and build a community based on knowledge and experience. 

This is why we urge you to contact us, either by phone or email, so that we can inform you in greater detail about the simple method. We will also be at the ICAR 2019 conference in Zakopane. Our stand location will be available early august. 

I hope to speak to you soon.

Phone: +46 76 896 12 64

Best Regards,

Christian Connolly

CEO twICEme Identification

If found on protective gear, this logo can be scanned with a smartphone to gain access to essential medical information.

If found on protective gear, this logo can be scanned with a smartphone to gain access to essential medical information.