The Avalanche Technician, Guide and Photographer Robert Ungh signed as a twICEme Ambassador

We are happy to welcome Robert Ungh; certified avalanche technician, experienced guide and professional photographer, as an ambassador for twICEme®.

Robert is the founder of Upp Lev Ner, a company providing guided tours within ski, bike and hike in Scandinavia. He will be providing feedback of using twICEme® within the guided tours in extreme environments. Such form of feedback will be essential in order to improve twICEme® tailored for the users.

Additionally, the imagery of twICEme® will be provided by Robert. During his adventures, he will capture the moments of twICEme® out on the fields. Today, this website uses his amazing pictures. Note that these pictures therefore are copyrighted.

We look forward to future feedback and discussions with Robert!