International Commission for Alpine Rescue signes Partnership Agreement

In a step closer towards the goal of bringing together safety equipment producers and rescue organisations to form a community with the mission of saving lives, twICEme has signed a deal with International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR).

President Franz Stöfli signed the Partnership Agreement together with the chairman of twICEme; Björn W Ericsson mid January 2019. The agreement is based on the purpose of mutual benefit and gives twICEme the opportunity to present their technical solution to the mountain rescue community.

In doing this, twICEme can continue on its objective of giving first responders the ability to rapidly access essential medical information which reduces lead time in rescue operations. If all actors within such a large network has access to this new innovation, the impact such an invention can be enlarged and in that way, more lives can be saved.

More about ICAR: Follow this link