Our purpose

twICEme® helps people in emergency situations and aims to save lives.

We do this by continuously improving and developing safety services based on the expertise of the rescue professionals from the community.

We make this possible by integrating twICEme® devices into equipment and providing the necessary safety services.

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integrated device

The twICEme® device is a high performance tool enabled with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, hence no GSM, wi-fi or 3G/4G/5G is needed for communicating. With a size of 29x1 mm, it is easily integrated with minimal impact on the production line.

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safety services

By adding safety services to the integrated twICEme® device, the protective equipment will become smart.

The base package of safety services includes a locally stored medical ID, maintenance and development of the free app and community building to ensure global knowledge of the trademarked twICEme® symbol.



Our vision is to become a global brand by uniting equipment producers, rescue organizations and customers in a
global community for smart safety.

Through feedback from both global and local rescue organizations, we can continuously improve and add additional safety services.