simplicity first

The twICEme® tag contains a NFC memory chip which locally (i.e. no cloud service involved) stores the medical information decided by the user - and the user only.

It does not contain a battery, which means unlimited lifetime. Additionally, it does not require GSM, 3G/4G/5G or wi-fi to read the information. Consequently, it can be read everywhere at any time by an NFC enabled smartphone - with or without the twICEme® app.

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Valuable identification tool

twICEme® is, and will always be, a free additional tool for first responders and rescue personnel in case of emergency. A child getting lost in the ski resort and someone crashing and losing consciousness, are two very different types of emergencies but both require an efficient tool for identification. Hence, twICEme® creates value for emergencies of different levels of severity.

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the future of safety

By integrating a twICEme® tag, safety equipment is transformed from being silent to being smart - a clever step towards the future.

We enable equipment producers to take responsibility from a Full Range Safety perspective - not only on impact but also before and after an unforeseen accident.


the community

The aim of the community is to develop innovative equipment with a safety perspective. This is possible by gathering equipment producers and rescue organizations with the mindset of learning from each other. Consequently, we hope to make a difference which in the end can save lives.


Video of how the twICEme® medical ID works