The twICEme® team 🇸🇪

The idea of twICEme® medical ID was founded by military and security professionals with years of experience from operations all over the world. No matter where they carried out their work, they recognized the same urgent need; a smart, simple and user friendly identification system which can be used in emergency situations.

After discussions with medical professionals, emergency personnel and other experts they began testing prototypes and arrived at the final version of our product. It can be described as a highly practical and efficient NFC memory chip which can be implemented in nearly any personal safety equipment and clothing. By using a smartphone, you can write, upload and read your personal medical ID into your smart product anywhere and anytime.

After developing the product, the founders teamed up with investors who possess great experience of business development as well as driven entrepreneurs. Together, we united around the vision of offering a solution which saves lives in the important first hour, so called The Golden Hour, of medical emergency situations.

We will achieve our vision by facilitating the supply of vital information in times of need. By uniting brands, rescue operations and users in a global community, we gather all stakeholders under the same roof with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and innovation. This means we can all keep pursuing our adventure, just safer.