Look for the Twiceme Symbol 1


Download the app.

To upload your profile to your equipment, simply downloading the Twiceme app on your smartphone. The app itself takes your through, step-by-step what is recommended information to help your helpers.

Please make sure you read, understand, and accept our End User Licence Agreement prior to download. You’ll find a copy of it here.

Create a profile with your info using Twiceme.


Find your scanning area.

In order to upload, delete or access information on your equipment, you need to tap the scanning area (NFC antenna) of your smartphone directly on top of the Twiceme symbol that indicates the placement of our integrated hardware. Please be aware that the placements of the NFC antenna can vary from handset to handset.

The Twiceme app with the Help the Helpers technology scanning a Guardio helmet
upload safety info


Access uploaded info with and without the Twiceme app.

By using the Twiceme app, you can access the uploaded safety information without mobile network or internet connection.

However, the information is also accessible without the Twiceme app – but then you need to have internet connection on your smartphone. So everyone tapping their smartphone on the symbol can become a helper!

A helper investigating the Twiceme Help the Helpers technology app


Need more assistance?

Please visit our support page here.